This Week’s Thrifting Success

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Hi there. It’s the beginning of a new week. I hope you had a good weekend filled with the people and things you love. I had a fantastic weekend of thrifting and it was quality time spent with hubs.

There is a Christian thrift store in the area and I visit often. The space is open and clean and they have really good stuff. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but you know that’s usually the time you find a lot of good stuff.

Antique Dining Table – I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was too busy drooling over it to take a picture for the blog… sorry. I’ll do better next time. Anyway, this shop has  an antique dining table that I am still dreaming of. It has  double pedestals legs, 2 leaves and it is gorgeous. Oh it can use a touch up here and there but that just adds character. For the most part, it is gorgeous.

I did not get the table. They are asking over $200.00 for it and although I tried my flea market flip bargaining techniques, they would not budge. I am going to check back again next weekend. I hope they drop the price before someone else comes along and buys MY table. 🙂 Yes I’ve claimed it as mine.

Although I did not purchase the table, I did pick up some nice items. My favorite is the leather chair. The nail head trim really makes this chair. The leather is in perfect condition. It only needs a good cleaning with leather cleaner and restorer. The chair does have some wear on the wood areas but I will sand, stain and protect those areas. Stay tuned to see the completed piece sometime real soon. Oh, my bad – I forgot to mention, the chair was only $24.95 for a leather chair. I am pumped.  I need a chair for my bedroom and this one is perfect.

Chair 1 PM                Chair 4 PM                 Chair 3 PM

I also purchased this lamp. I haven’t a clue where I will use it, but the shape, not the color called out to me. I am going to update the lamp in some way – I haven’t decided how at this point but stay tuned for the finished product. The picture shape of this lamp will be really nice once it is upcycled. The lamp started out at $15.00. I was able to bargain her down to $11.00. 😉

Lamp 2                      Lamp 1 PM

Finally I purchased two glasses and three plates. I purchased each for a project I am going to try. They were $.99 each. Nothing over $.99. That’s my kinda of thrifting.

Black Stemmed Glass PM   Green Glass PM   Pineapple Plate PM  Green Plate PM  Glass Plate PM

Not a bad day of thrifting…right?  Come back soon to view my finds once the upcycle is complete.

Have you found any gems lately? If so…share!


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