Transitioning To The FarmHouse Style

Transitioning To Farmhouse Stye

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Transitioning To The FarmHouse Style

As you know, I’ve become enamored with the FarmHouse style. I thought it would be a simple and straightforward transition. Especially since I have always leaned toward a bit of rustic décor. As a matter-of-fact, I dubbed my decorating style as rustic Tuscan.

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I thought it would be as easy as adding a few accessories…NOT! The authentic Farmhouse style looks clean, simple, and easy to recreate, but making the transition can become quite challenging. Here I will break it down and show you how the process can be broken down into small steps.


The first step is the paint. Both the rustic Farmhouse and the modern Farmhouse styles require a clean, light and airy paint color. Sarah, from the Vintage Nest, has a great list of paint colors that are perfect for the Farmhouse style. Sara provides both an entire white pallet as well as a neutral pallet. WhooHoo, my kitchen paint made the cut with the Neutral pallet. My kitchen is very close to the Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay which made Sarah list for the neutral pallet.

Transitioning ToFarmhouse Style

Picture courtesy the Vintage Nest.

My bedroom and master bath will also fit into the Farmhouse color pallet because they were recently painted a Sherwin Williams Greige. However, the rest of my home may not be so easy to transition because the paint colors are Tuscan and rich. My suggestion is that if you are making a drastic change in your home decor, take it slow and perhaps refresh one room at a time.


I think most flooring will fit the modern Farmhouse style. However, with that said, hardwood is my personal favorite. Could it be because my floors are hardwood?  🙂 I think so. If you have a flooring that you love, that will make it a lot less expensive when you do not have to change flooring…right?

Below is a white-washed and a dark laminate flooring that are both totally Farmhouse don’t you think? The dark wood is very close to the flooring I am working with in my home.

Transitioning To FarmHouse Style

Photo Courtesy Home Depot

Window Treatments:

Oh my, this could take forever because the Farmhouse style opens so many avenues for window treatments. From the normal curtains, shutters, wood blinds to mediums you may not have considered.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors chose a very unique yet rustic window topper for her kitchen. She used burlap coffee sacks that she stenciled to create the window treatments for her kitchen windows. Including hardware, Donna spent $3 and that includes hardware. Does it get any better than that? I think not. How clever.

Transitioning to FarmHouse Style

The Vintage News Junkie, Candace, gave some old shutters a new lease on life when she revamped them to suit her Farmhouse kitchen. No, shutters aren’t new but these upcycled shutters have a unique look of their own. Great job!! Farmhouse, yet clean and crisp.

Transitioning To Farmhouse Style

Brooke over at All Things Thrifty, took the barnyard door to a whole new level. She made barnyard door shutters. It is amazing. I so want a barnyard door in my home but I do not have a space. Well, until now. This is a brilliant and oh so Farmhouse.

Transitioning to Farmhouse Style

Of course, there are all sorts of drapes and curtains that can be considered FarmHouse style, but I wanted to show you the more unique and creative treatments. The three above certainly meet that criteria.


This part of the process can be so much fun. Signs, frames, pillows, metal, wicker, wood, ribbon, twine, so many choices. The best part about FarmHouse décor is that pieces can be upcycled and DIYed to fit the space. It is a wonderful way to be creative and turn a house into a home without spending a mint.

Shop the Farmhouse Style

So many options for farmhouse accessories and the farmhouse style. You can not go wrong. With all of the choices, what do you think? Is the farmhouse style something you could wrap your decorating heart around? What I have shown you here is just the proverbial tip of the proverbial iceberg. I hope you have enjoyed this peek into life on the farm, no matter where you live. I want to give my fellow bloggers and farmhouse lovers that were listed in this blog a great big hug. We are all loving the same style but we realize there are so many different ways to get there. 

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10 thoughts on “Transitioning To The FarmHouse Style

  1. Mary says:

    The farmhouse style is so diverse Clearissa. And so forgiving too. You can jump in with both feet or you can just add a little here and there.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Mary,

    You are so right! And that is one reason I love it so. I think once I get the painting done, I will have a happy modern farmhouse in the middle of the suburbia. 🙂

  3. Dorothy Berry-Lound says:

    As I live in a farmhouse in Umbria (next to Tuscany) I can say this blog is spot on. The shutters are very much part of the look though in Italy they are very functional to keep out the sun. The only thing is my floors are terracotta tiles – lovely and cool to walk on. Need a nice warm rug in the winter though!

  4. Audrey says:

    My home so over do for a refresh. I think the farmhouse style is very lovely, but it might be a little too light for a 10 year old boy and a mom that is tired of washing walls and furniture. ha ha!

  5. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for stopping by. You could definitely do the Farmhouse style. It is so forgiving. Even your 10-year old boy will be safe to enjoy his life there. 🙂 I have a 6-year old grandson who is with me A LOT! lol And he manages to fit into it quite nicely while still being a boy. You know how we grandmothers spoil. 🙂

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