Twitter Update…Please Read

Hello friends,

I have an FYI (For Your Information) announcement for you or a PSA (Public Service Announcement), if you will. And it is good news. As I develop my brand…I expand. Yaay! Please visit and follow my new twitter page at I am still the same old “G” (Gansta…jokey joke), at That has not changed. I have simply added an additional page because I am expanding and expansion is good, right? I certainly think so. But as I move into this new phase, I want to take you with me. Please come along and follow me on both twitter pages. The change is all about organization and if you know me at all, you know that is what I am all about. So from now on, only posts pertaining to my Avon Diva information will be posted on and all organization, re-design or virtual assistant, etc. posts will now appear on my new page.

Thank you and I will see you at both twitter pages. Please do follow both. There are exciting things planned for each page.  This is going to be an awesome Fall. Let’s experience it together.



#avondiva        #ccc          #allthingarepossible

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