How I Became My Own Virtual Assistant

I have talents and I have passions. My talents are my project management and administrative abilities. My passion is organization and redesign. Funny how they have a tendency to overlap.  My Virtual Assistant abilities include organization, the ability to visualize a project from inception to fruition, the creativity to improvise when necessary to keep a project moving forward, the ability to nudge folks along without making them feel pushed, and how to remain on budget.

I am blogging and one of the subject matters of my blog is Personal Organization & Redesign. Well, guess what, a professional organizer has to have organization skills…duh, the ability to visualize the end result of a project at its genesis, the creative ability to make something out of nothing, the capability to encourage people to let go of things they think the could never let go of, and, in my case, the ability to create on a budget.

Do you see the connection? I did not for years and it was not until I began reading my own blogs that I understood why I chose both instead choosing between the two there is a method to my madness. Funny story here, this week I was blessed with a client who wanted her office organized and redesigned.  I have performed this service for family and friends for years, but it is always pro bono. Paying customers make me happy. 🙂 After accepting the project, I realized I had no forms in place. How’s that for being proactive? But sometimes things are meant to be and when they are, they just work out. But I needed a virtual assistant and I needed one quick. Luckily, I know one up close and personal.

So I hired myself and put my virtual assistant hat on and created the forms I needed, I added a scheduler widget to the my website, emailed ideas and suggestions for the project to my client and because this is a project that requires travel, I coordinated the available dates and accommodations. Also, the project to be completed was arranged within the budget of the client. I would recommend my virtual assistant without hesitation. She rocks!

So once I came out of my virtual assistant haze, the personal and professional organizer in me was very pleased with how the project was progressing. And as I said, I would highly recommend my virtual assistant. Check her out at Clearissa’s Command Center, under Customized Business Solutions. You can find me there as well under Divinely Organized.

I could do the same things for you as well. If you or someone is  in need of a virtual assistant, I can do the same things and much more for you.

Many Blessings,

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2 thoughts on “How I Became My Own Virtual Assistant

  1. Vanessa Shelton says:

    That’s a great story! And a good reminder for any business – you can’t recommend someone you wouldn’t use yourself. It’s always surprising to me when service providers either don’t use their own services, or display them badly on their own projects. Who trusts a mechanic whose car doesn’t run, a bald hairdresser, a web developer with a broken site or a sloppy jumbled organizer?

    One of the things I’ve always admired about you is your sense of style and details. They’re definitely serving you well here! 🙂

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you Vanessa. What a nice compliment. And I can say the same about you. You are diligent in your marketing and an expert web designer. So coming from you that is quite a compliment.

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