It’s Back…Vitamin C

It's Back - Vitamin C

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It’s Back – Vitamin C

This article will take a bit of different take on organization. Today we will talk about and hopefully, organize your summer skincare regime. I have gotta tell you – I am so excited! Okay, here’s why. Almost 7 years ago I was happily going along with my skincare routine. My mainstay, my most used and loved product was Vitamin C serum by Avon. Well, all of a sudden the product was discontinued. I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t know where to go from there. I tried other vitamin C products. They were okay, but they just didn’t work the same.

But before I get into why I love this product so much and recommend it so highly, I want you to know that when I say I use the product, I absolutely do. This is not a promotional article. I am an Avon Representative but Avon is not in any way paying me to write this article. I used the new version of this product for a week before recommending it. I wanted to make sure it was as good as the previous version and I must say, it is just as good or better. Improved!

The vitamin C is a serum which means it is easily absorbed into the skin, light to the touch, can It's Back - Vitamin C
be used with or without other products and even helps to prevent sun damage. It keeps my skin looking healthy and healthy is good…right? It is also advertised to be a wonderful anti-aging product as well, but I loved it because it just made my skin feel and look refreshed. Dewy if you will. It is true, the serum is light enough to wear under all of your heavier creams; however, what I absolutely love about this particular serum is that you can use it alone as well as with your other skincare products.  This is my grab and go product. You should never leave the house without at least using a moisturizer and this is my product.

During the summer, some creams are simply too heavy for my taste, especially when you are adding sunscreen to your product line. I want to stress that the Anew Vitamin C serum is fine to wear alone and leaves you with a fresh-faced summer look. I love, love this product. Now that I’ve told you why I love it, I’ll share the technical benefits of this product.

According to the makers of Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum, Avon, this product is made from a patented formula that contains a high concentration of 10% pure Vitamin C, which protects skin from sun damage, pollution, and other aggressors.

More Benefits:

  • Skin looks smoother and clearer and even toned
    • Enhances skin clarity
    • Fights overall photo damage
    • Improves skin tone and resiliency
    • Visibly improves skin’s imperfections
    • Contains Vitamin C and E
    • Oil-free
    • Dermatologist tested
    • Noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and nonacnegenic
    • In 2 weeks, skin looks brighter, smoother, clearer and more even-toned*

With all that said, let me say, I use this product and I am so excited to have it back. My skin felt fantastic after the first I use.

Whether you add the Anew Vitamin C product to your regular product line or you use lighter products during the heat of summer this product is at least worth a try.

I use the entire Anew line, but if I had to recommend one, just one product from the vast Avon portfolio, it would be the Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum. And in case you’re interested, how I downsize my summer skincare regime, my summer products from the Anew line are the Anew Vitamin C Serum and the new Anew AHA cream. Of course, I use a cleanser twice daily and I give myself a facial once every week or so. But I do not use the heavier cream moisturizers during the day when it’s so hot and sticky out. I do use a regular moisture along with my Vitamin C at night before bed.

It's Back - Vitamin C

So that’s the reason for my over-the-moon excitement. Whether a cleaning product, a repurposing item or a skincare product, there is nothing better than finding a product that you love. Welcome back, old friend. You have been sorely missed.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Back…Vitamin C

  1. Chardline says:

    I definitely need to look into Vitamin C. I didn’t realize it had so many benefits!


  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Chardline,

    This is my go to product. If I don’t use anything else on my skin, I make sure to use my Anew Vitamin C. It is wonderful for the skin. Thank you for reading along and please let me know if you try it and how you like it. 🙂

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