How To Add A Touch of Sunshine To Every Room – The Dining Room

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How to Add A Touch of Sunshine to Every Room – The Dining Room

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the dining room. It’s not fancy or ornate, the room isn’t large, but when I walk into our dining room, I feel comfortable and warm. No matter the season or the weather, this room can be transformed with ease just by changing out the tablescape vignette, perhaps the curtains and switching the vignette on the buffet and viola, the room is very different.

In an effort to add a touch of sunshine to this room, I did just that. I changed the tablescape vignette, the curtains and the accessories on top of the buffet. It is not themed, which means this look can carry me through the entire summer if I choose. Let me walk you through the process of transforming our dining room into a spring/summer space. And as always, on a budget.

The Table

The table began with my leftover fall/winter look. As you can see, burgundy and cream, two of my favorite colors, were used for my winter tablescape.  I loved it, but let’s get spring/summer underway.

Dining Room Before Spring Refresh 1 PMI began, as always, by removing everything from the table and giving it a good polishing. Then the layering began.

Table runner, Homegoods – $9.00

Scalloped yellow chargers, The Pottery – $2.50 each = $10.00

Yellow plates, Dollar Store – $1.00 each = $4.00

China bowls no cost – $0.00

Yellow & Cream Napkins, thrift store – $3.00 for 4 = $6.00

Crystal Napkin Rings, no cost – $0.00

Centerpiece, vase no cost, flowers from the dollar store – $6.00

The total tablescape (not bad, huh) – $26.00

All items that were no cost were already here and I just mixed and matched them with the new stuff.


The Chairs/Pillows

The pillows in the chairs purchased last year – $0.00

The pillows in the side chairs

You Are My Sunshine Pillow, Tuesday Morning – $7.99

Yellow Pillow w/silver Baubles, Tuesday Morning – $9.99

The total for pillows – $17.98  

Sunshine Size Chair 1 with silver baubles PM Pillows Around the Table PM

The Buffet

I spent absolutely nothing on the buffet. I recycled/upcycles/repurposed several items on the buffet myself. I love adding pieces that I’ve made to my space. And the others were items I had in a closet and I just switched them out with the fall/winter objects. I know my followers are observant and will notice the Christmas bear in the child’s rocking chair. Well, I have been begged to leave it there by my  4-year old grandson. And if you have grandchildren who could pop up at any time, you understand why this lone Christmas bear lives in my dining room year round. I barely notice him any longer. 🙂 I hope you will focus on the buffet; however, after the picture was taken, I realized how noticeable Mr. Bear really is. But you know what, Mr. Bear will be there until my grandson no longer misses him.

Buffet PM

The Curtains

The white sheers (had those up) took them down, laundered and put the back – $0.00

Yellow panels on each end, Walmart – $8.99 each x 2 =  $17.98

Total for Curtains, $17.98

I am not counting the new windows we had installed in the fall. That would take this refresh to a whole nother level. 🙂 That experience is a whole new post. I will say that after replacing windows that were in the home since it was built in 1980, the rooms seemed brighter and I can’t even tell you the difference in our electric bill. But I will tell you all about it later.


Once I pulled the entire room together, I was quite pleased and the entire space was refreshed and a bit of sunshine added for a total of $61.96. Not bad for an entire refresh. I sometimes just stand in the door and look at the room. I love the way it turned out and especially on a budget. One of my mainstays in this room is the angel under glass. No matter the change, refresh or update that I make to this room, my lighted angel is always watching over the place and I really love that. My angel and my grandson’s favorite Christmas bear, quite the combination wouldn’t you say?


Have you completed any spring/summer updates in your home? If so, share them in the comments section. What do you think of my dining room refresh? I love to hear your feedback.

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