Weekly Organization Tip Week 1 – Organization for Sweaters

Organizing Seasonal Clothing

Written by Clearssa Coward

Weekly Organization Tip Week 1

What Can You Do Today to be More Organized Tomorrow? Organization for Sweaters

At the end of last year, I began the weekly organization tip series and we were up to week 7 of organization tips at the end of the year. However; I decided to begin anew with the new year. So we are starting this week off as week 1. I hope this is okay with you guys. 🙂 If you want to review any of the tips from last year they are available on my site under the “Divinely Organized” tab. So onward to the new year.

All of the decorations are put away and if you are like me, you take a look around your house and things are a bit out of whack. What with all the prep work for the holidays, busy days spent with family, cooking, decorating, and shopping, there was little time for organization. Things just aren’t quite right. And of course, the new year is a great time to put things back in order and to get organized.

With that said, I had to get some things straightened out in my home. I began with my sweaters. Christmas day in the Carolinas was a steamy 73 degrees…yuck! But a week later the high was 38 degrees and the low was 21 degrees.  Quite a drop and quite quickly. So now it’s time for cozy sweaters, gloves and scarves but can you get to your sweaters easily? Are they stored someplace where you can actually see what you have?

My sweaters were stored on the top shelf of a spare closet and taking up prime real estate in my closet. But they are so bulky, they can take up a lot of closet space and the ones that were stacked in the closet were leaning and always falling over and it was difficult to pull one from the middle or the bottom of the stack and I tired of the mess. So I researched different types of sweater storage and decided to share my findings with you. This week the organization tip is how to store winter sweaters.

Chrome Shelf Dividers

My first option and the system I chose to use is the chrome shelf divider system. This system is inexpensive, easy to install and very effective. I have colored coded all my sweaters and the fact that you get 8 dividers in the package means you do not have to stack the sweaters really high which makes color coding and retrieval much easier. This system also keeps sweaters from tumbling over when you pull one out. I can recommend this system because it is working for me.

Chrome Shelf Dividers

Six Shelf Sweater Organizer

This is an excellent system for those with extra closet space. I don’t happen to have that luxury. However; what I like about the six shelf hanging sweater organizer is the fact that sweaters are within arm’s reach without using a step stool (I’m only 5’2” so step stools are my friend :)). Not only is this system easy to reach, but it also provides six shelves which also allows you to color code your sweaters. This would work great if you have the space. You could add a couple of them, one for sweaters another for purses, jeans or sweatshirts or other items that would store well in a system like this.

Six Shelf Sweater Organizer

Three Shelf Stackable Organizer

I love this system because it is so very versatile. The three shelf stackable organizer allows you to personalize your closet. You can stack them vertically if you have tall ceilings or you can lay them on their sides and use them horizontally and you can still stack them horizontally as well. This can be an inexpensive and excellent beginning to a closet system.

Stackable 3-Shelf Organizer

Foldable Storage Bamboo Sweater Organizer

The final storage system is a good for both winter availability and summer storage. It can be stored in your closet during the winter and elsewhere during the summer when not in use. The windows make it easy to see what is in each section and again to allow color coding and these bags are anti-bacterial, which avoids mildew and damage from storage during the months when sweaters are not in use. The storage bamboo sweater organizer is also stackable for ease of use in your closet.

Bag Bamboo Charcoal Anti-bacterial Sweater Organizer

There you have it, four of my favorite organization systems for sweaters. If you are not a sweater person and only own a couple, either system will suffice. But if you are like me and absolutely love a soft, warm and cozy sweater, choose a system that is easiest for you to use and adaptable to your space. We all have our own personal organization style and only if we choose a system that relates to that style, will it work long-term. So choose a system that makes you feel good when you open your closet or go into your closet for your favorite sweater.  

Which system do you think will work for you or do you have another system that you already have in use?

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