Weekly Organization Tip – What Can You Do Today to be More Organized Tomorrow?


Written by Clearissa Coward

Divinely Organized – Weekly Organization Tip – Week of November 11, 2015

What Can You Do Today to be More Organized Tomorrow?

I thought it would be a good idea to begin a “Quick Tip of the Week” focused on organization from Divinely Organized. I hope you are enjoying the tips so far. Your responses have been positive. Keep them coming. I really appreciate how supportive you guys are. If you missed the previous articles, you can find them here and here. These are not long articles. They are quick reminders of minor things you can add to your daily routine to keep your home, sometimes your car and office space organized. 🙂

They will be quick tips and to some, they may seem quite obvious, but you would be surprised how just a nudge can help someone get and stay on the organizational track.

For this week I would like to give you a quick tip for keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and organized. And the tip for this week is (drum roll please)…How to keep your bathroom vanity, sinks and mirrors tidy all week long. It may seem like a lot, but in actuality, all three can be tidied up daily in 5 minutes or less. Are you with me?

First of all you will need to keep a spray bottle of glass cleaner or if you clean green, vinegar under your bathroom sink. You will also need a roll of paper towel handy.  I, personally, keep a spray bottle of glass cleaner under my sink and a paper towel roll hangs from the inside under-the-sink cabinet door. The paper towels come in handy for a ton of things and that’s why I keep a roll upstairs and of course downstairs in the kitchen and in the powder room for guests.

Back to the vanity, sink and mirrors…I am usually the last person in our bathroom in the mornings and this routine works well for me. After hubs has shaven, brushed and gone through his morning ritual and I have gone through my morning routine and put on my makeup, I pull out my handy dandy glass cleaner and a paper towel and wipe down first the mirror if there are any splatters, the countertop for any gook or makeup residue, and finally I spray and wipe down inside the sinks.

There you have it. A fresh smell, and the bathroom surfaces are so fresh and so clean clean when you return home in the evening. Isn’t that better than facing your makeup drips or toothpaste residue in the sink when you get home from a hard day? I think so. 🙂

Spend just five minutes a day wiping down your bathroom surfaces and save yourself from coming home to an eye sore in the evening. You also get the added bonus of a fresh clean fragrance and you will have less crud build up to clean on the weekend.

I Challenge You PMDon’t forget our November challenge to make the bed every day during the month of November. You’ve been challenged! Drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing with the challenge and I would love to see pictures of your happy faces with your made beds.

No more clutter, accept the challenge and leave me a comment…see you next week!






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6 thoughts on “Weekly Organization Tip – What Can You Do Today to be More Organized Tomorrow?

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Clearissa,

    I live with other people and there is nothing worse than toothpaste left in the sink. It takes moments to wipe it down. When I was not sharing I too would have the spray bottle under the sink ready for action. Before you know it you have shiny tops and it can even motivate me to do other areas of the house.

    I make my bed every morning as part of my daily ritual. It is easy and walking into a tidy room is therapy for me. Thanks for the reminders.


  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Rachel, I know what you mean. toothpaste left in the sink and splattered on a mirror are pet peeves for me. Maybe you and your roommates can begin a friendly challenge to see who leaves the bathroom area the cleanest. Whatever works…right? Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the week.

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