So You Don’t Believe You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Throwback Thursday – So you don’t believe you need a virtual assistant? You could be wrong.

From the Desk of – Customized Virtual Business Solutions…

It is the middle of the day and you have more work than you have day left to complete it. What should you do? Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you with your workload.  A VA is an off-site administrative professional who will help you take your small business to the next level and/or help you run your corporate office more efficiently.

Which business sector hires a Virtual Assistant? Virtually all of them…pun intended :).  According to the list below from Time Is Of The Es-cents,  all major business, medical, and entertainment sectors hire virtual assistants to help streamline their workload and to work  more proficiently.

Who Uses A Virtual Assistant…

Accounting Firms Dentists Photographers
Associations Event Organizers Physicians
Attorney Executives Police Departments
Authors Film Producers Publishers
Automobile Dealerships Home-Based Businesses Realtors
Bankers Hotels Recreational Facilities
Beauticians Human Resources Schools
Business Coaches Insurance Companies Small Businesses
Chamber of Commerce Internet Marketers Speakers
Church Organizations Life Coaches Travel Agencies
Clubs / Organizations Local Government Veterinarians
Contractors Massage Therapists Web Designers
Corporations Non-Profit Organizations Many, Many More…

Once you have hired a VA, you will quickly understand how valuable our services can be. We can assist in many different capacities and will become invaluable to you and your company. We can handle your day-to-day administrative requirements while you focus on building relationships with your customers and managing the marketing an growth of your business.

Contact Customized Virtual Business Solutions for all your virtual administrative needs. We want to be your silent business partner.

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