Why Was I So Intimidated? It Turned Out To Be Fun!

Intimidated by Cricut

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Why Was I So Intimidated? It Turned Out To Be Fun!

I’ve been busy the past week creating with my vinyl cutting machine. I’ve had it since last Christmas and it sat and looked at me for 6 months before I got the courage to take it out of the box and give it a try. I am a crafter but how can one be taken seriously as a crafter if they do not own a vinyl cutting machine…right? Well, at least it will give you a lot of options. 😉  But at any rate, it was a Christmas gift last year and I have used it for the past couple of months but in earnest for the past couple of weeks. And I think I’m in love. Now I am starting to wonder why I was so intimidated.

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Do not get me wrong. I do not know half of what this machine is capable of producing, but had I pulled it out back in December when it was gifted to me, I would be much further along in the learning process by now. But what I do know is that I have had a great time learning to use my Cricut. It has been fun and there is so much I can do with this machine. I can’t wait to learn more.

I do want you to understand that if I am in crafting mode or working with a client, I may not get to blog as often as I would like, but do know I will catch you up on what is going on as soon as I can. Also if you will follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTubeand Twitter and you can always find out what I’m doing on either one of those pages as well.

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Last week I completed the following projects for friends.

Intimidated by CricutIntimidated by CricutI created this wine glass and mug for a client. I want to emphasize that the colors of the mug are not showing through. The lady in silhouette is actually a bronze color and the lettering is in pink. It is a very vibrant combination. However, the camera did not pick that up. If she sees these pictures, I am certain she will be pleasantly surprised once she receives the actual product.


Intimidated by CricutIntimidated by CricutI personalized these two for a client as well, and because they are husband and wife, I thought it would be a nice idea to coordinate colors on the mugs. Here mug is bronze and pink and his is bronze and blue. Again, the picture does not depict the richness of the colors. However, I will be posting a video to my channel on Youtube where the colors are more realistic.

Intimidated by CricutIntimidated by CricutThis piece was created for a friend who will gift it to a family member.  She wants to remind her family member to drink more water throughout the day. This little gem should absolutely do the trick.

The H2O is not navy blue as it appears in the photo. All of the lettering is a sharp black to match the trim around the top of the cup.


Intimidated by CricutIntimidated by Cricut

I personalized this travel cup for myself with my company logo. This was my warm up before I began the projects for my customers.

The second travel mug is for a friend’s 9-year old daughter. Her nickname is Ladybug but I suppose you figured that out. I think she is going to love this.


Intimidated by Cricut

Intimidated by Cricut


Another view of the Lady Bug Travel Cup.







Intimidated by Cricut


A rear view of the ladybug cup.







Intimated by Cricut

Intimidated by

Finally, the mug that I love. A friend commissioned this for her sister who is going through a tough time right now. I hope it brightens her day and helps her remember how fierce she really is.

Well, that’s how I spent a lot of my evenings for the past couple of weeks. How about you? Have you been in the crafting mood? If so, what have you created? Whatever it is, I am sure it is fabulous!!

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15 thoughts on “Why Was I So Intimidated? It Turned Out To Be Fun!

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Dee. I am enjoying it. You were right. I still have so much to learn! And have you seen the newest machine? It’s like the Bently of vinyl machines. 😉 I’m not ready for that one yet. 🙂 But thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Linda Feray says:

    Hi Clearissa, is your machine a cricut machine or is it called a vinyl cutter? I love what you have done, they would make gifts. When we break out of our comfort zone we usually look back and think why didn’t I do it sooner!!

  3. amy says:

    I have an old Cricut Expression and have never used it much for the same reason as you. I just find it so much more complicated and time consuming than the traditional die cut machines. I get frustrated trying to find the right tension or depth so it doesn’t tear the paper. I feel I waste a lot of time and paper with it. Love all your creations and glad you’re happy with it.

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Amy,

    I am so sorry to hear you never used your machine much but I was right there with you. The newer machine set the cutting with the turn of a button and I am so glad. At least for vinyl. I don’t work much with paper. But if I had to figure out tension and the such, I probably would have quit as well. Good luck with your crafting.

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