2017 Fall Home Tour

Fall Tour

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2017 Fall Home Tour

Well, peeps, I’ve done the fall hauls and at some point, I had to put all that stuff somewhere so I have just about completed my fall decorating. And it’s time to fling open the door and share with what I’ve done. So Welcome to my 2017 Fall Home Tour.

This year I am trying something different. I have created a video of my home for fall. I will admit, at this point, I am more comfortable with my blog than I am with vlogging. Sitting here sharing with you in text and pictures versus actually holding a camera and speaking is much easier. However, I am learning that there is a closer connection if a blogger/vlogger actually speaks with and shares live with his or her followers so I am giving it a try. I hope you will enjoy and be as loyal to my Youtube channel as you have been to my blog.

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Just to give you a peek here. I began my tour at the front door. I have not decorated my porch yet because I’m in North Carolina and here it is still 88 degrees and my roses and summer flowers are still blooming like crazy and I could not bring myself to cut them back just yet. So, my front porch will have to wait for a few more weeks before I cut everything back and replace my lantana with pansies and put my garden to bed for the coming winter. So I will begin here with the inside of the door. Visit my YouTube channel to see the entire tour.

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Fall Home Tour


Inside the front door, I placed a flower holder with fall colored flower picks.I am trying to lighten up this area.







Fall Tour


A small fall vignette in the dining room.








Fall Tour


A small vignette in the living room.














Two small fall vignettes in the kitchen.

Fall Tour









So that’s a preview of the fall tour that is on my Youtube channel. Please go over and see the entire tour and subscribe and give me a thumbs up if you enjoy the video. You can find my full tour here.


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