How to Get Organized to Eat Clean

Written by Clearissa Coward

Divinely Organized – How to Get Organized to Eat Clean

We have a lot of organizing to do this year and I promise I will get back to home organization shortly; however, I thought I would share with you my attempt to organize in order to live a healthier life. I am beginning with trying to eat clean for a bit and hoping it will carry over into my life pattern and become my norm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-meat, but I am pro-health and I am at an age where I have to help my body along in the endeavor to remain healthy.

With that said, I have embarked on changing my eating habits. And I’ll bet you did not realize it, because I did not, but that requires a bit of organization if you do not want to be defeated before you begin.

I began my organization in my pantry. Although, I could not very well throw out all of the cookies and chips, I could and did place them on higher, out of reach shelves and replaced the regular chips with totally natural ones from my local Whole Foods. I moved stuff around to make the items that are acceptable accessible. Besides, I have grandkids who expect to find goodies when they visit MiMi, and I try to never disappoint which means I have to keep snacks on hand. 🙂

My cabinets were already organized. Canned goods are not an issue so there was little or nothing to do there except take inventory to determine if I needed to add any items for the winter months. You know like soups and the like, but I decided to even make my own soups from scratch. Therefore, as I said, there was little to do in the cabinets.

Bananas and Apples PM

The refrigerator and freezer, on the other hand, were a totally different story. First I organized the freezer. I gave each category of meat a shelf of its own. I have a poultry shelf, a pork shelf, a beef shelf and a seafood shelf. There is also a miscellaneous shelf and the frozen vegetable and fruit drawer.  After organizing, I made a list of the frozen items I would need from the market to facilitate my new way of eating. Such as, frozen fruits for my smoothies and seafood. Although I am not eating any meat during the week, I will have either fish or chicken on the weekends so I needed to pick up some of that. I made my shopping list and headed out to the market.

Once back the hard job began, cleaning out the fridge. The potato salad had to go, as did the sausage and bacon (I placed both of those in the freezer). All really good leftovers had to go as well because we all know that anything that is really, really good cannot be healthy…right? 🙂 Just kidding, a little. At any rate, anything tempting to the palate had to be either frozen or disposed of and replaced with – the good for you stuff.

Clean Eating Made Easy

Clean Eating Made Easy

Note: Ignore the beer and the bottle of wine, I can’t freeze it and I could not just throw it away. After all, the wine was a Christmas present. But I am working around that because it is not allowed on this journey with me.I want  you to focus on the Almond Milk, fresh kale, lettuce and fresh pink grapefruit in the mason jar. 🙂

Pink Grapefruit PM

So now the fridge is clean, I wiped everything down while I was at it. Added some bins from the dollar store to keep like items together and I’m all ready and “organized” for clean eating. There is kale, mushrooms, and lettuce and I have fresh spinach in the sink soaking in a vinegar and water bath. There are cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, oranges and grapefruits on the counter waiting to be a part of my smoothies and/or some other recipe I find here and there. I am all set!

Yogurt PM

I just need to remember, as any organizer would, to prepare at night as best I can so as not to feel rushed and overwhelmed in the mornings. That would just push me to give up and I do not intend to do that. I will prepare my snacks, salads and smoothies/green drinks the night before. Join me and let’s get organized to get healthy together!

Healthy life…Here I come!!

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How to Get Organized to Eat Clean — 7 Comments

  1. I absolutely adore your blog. You make it all seem so easy! I too am in the process of eating more healthy. Thank you for your wonderful tips and ideas!

  2. Awww thank you Brenda. I am so glad I am so happy to hear that I make it sound easy! Keep me posted on how you progress with your clean eating and I’ll keep you posted on mine. 🙂

  3. Hi, Clearissa–I love the idea of making your “bad” foods harder to get to, by placing them on higher shelves and whatnot.

    Great tip–thank you!

  4. Thank you Chanler. I figured that was more real life than asking folks to toss all of that good food. After all, there are others in our lives, like kids and grands who are not on the same journey as we are. Besides everyone like a little sweet every once in a while. The goal is to change our eating habits not forego all of the good stuff. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. 🙂

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  6. Awesome article! I find it’s hard to completely get rid of anything from my diet. Everything in moderation, I think, is key! Also, I like how you didn’t want to throw away the beer and wine! haha I would be the same! 🙂

  7. Hi Shannon, Thank you for stopping by. I believe in eating healthy, but as you said, everything in moderation. Sometimes you simply have something good and depriving myself has never worked for me. And ummm, it would have been so wasteful to toss the beer and wine. 😉

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