21-Day Organization Challenge – Day 13 – Strategy and Planning

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We’ve made it through the second week. We are winding down – it is Sunday and day thirteen of the 21-Day Home Organization Challenge. If you missed any of the earlier challenges, you can find them all here.

The concept is that I will suggest a 10 minute assignment daily for the next 21 days. You read that right I am only asking for 10 minutes out of your day to spend on each area/project. I guarantee you will see a difference when the challenge is over. The challenge begins on January 6, 2015 and ends January 27, 2015.

Like last Sunday I want to respect our family time. And today’s challenge will be more like a strategy, planning or recap session for the family.  Today we are not working. Instead, we are talking and planning and journaling and taking inventory with the family.

1. take 10 minutes and have 10 minute family strategy & planning session.

2. remember to set your timer or alarm on your cell phone so that you do not get involved and spend more than the allotted 10 minutes (that would be a disaster). Just kidding, I realize sometimes organizing can become addictive.

3. first step, while you and your family are spending relaxed Sunday time together, engage them in conversation about their thoughts about the 10 minutes challenge. Find out what they like or dislike. Listen carefully because what they tell you will help you plan how to get them all excited about living an uncluttered life. It’s never too early to instill good habits.

4.  this is a great time to find out what they would like to improve about their personal living spaces as well (bedroom, family room, etc.).

5. this is also a good time to explore ideas for small future makeovers as well. I like to keep a log for things like that.

6. remember it is very important to reiterate how important it is for everyone to participate in maintaining an organized living space. After all, the space does belong to all of you.

7. during this relaxed planning session, be sure to utilize your home planning journal. The journal is a great tool to help you with the organization of your home because it keeps important projects in front of you. You’ll be surprised how many things you can come up with when you focus on improving how you live.

There you have it…your 10 minute Sunday home organization challenge. Record the thoughts and suggestions of the rest of the family. Include everyone in the process and assign accountability for certain areas.  A no stress no fuss challenge.

Note I am going to spend a little time going through my planning journal and prioritizing my projects.

Enjoy your 10 minutes of organizing and remember…A place for everything and everything in its place.

Visit my site tomorrow for your next 10-minute challenge. See you there!

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