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Saturday was a good day. The weather was great in NC and I had a couple of hours of free time for the first time in quite some time and I spent it doing something I love…thrifting! I only had an hour or an hour and a half and I used it wisely.

Some days you can thrift and find nothing, that happens. Other times, you walk into the store and items are jumping off the shelf for you.   Then there are times like Saturday when a higher thrifting power takes over.That’s what I call it when I go into several different venues and find the same type of items on sale and interesting.

Saturday was a higher power day. As I said, I had time to visit 2 different establishments, the Goodwill Foundation in my city and another thrift shop in the same area.

As you can see from the pictures the thrifting higher power had a theme in mind on Saturday. Did I mention the thrifting higher power has a sense of humor? Well she does. In both stores the items that were on sale, the items that jumped off the shelves and into my basket were all these silver and silver plated trays.

Silver Trays 7

When the trays were popping out of everywhere I had no plan in mind. I even put several back and get this, not one of them was over $2.00. So although I did not have a plan in mind, I just gave up, gave in and brought them home.

I now have a couple of semi plans in place for a few of them and the others are small enough to store so it is okay. Perhaps next time I get to thrift, the thrifting higher power will let me in on the creative plan ahead of time. 🙂

I do have to admit I did something a good thrifter never does. I found a cute little table. It was on sale for a great price ($19.00) and solid wood. I stopped and touched it, even opened the drawers and visualized it with a new paint color and hardware. At the time I could not, for the life of me, think of a place in my home that needed a little table. Silly me, I walked out and left it.

Once I got home I found the perfect spot for that little table – my master bath. The table was small enough to fit under the window in a little corner and it would have provided some much needed storage space. But I do not have a little table because I did not follow the thrifting rule which is good price, and interesting piece? Take it home and figure out the details later. That is what happens when you find the bargain and leave the bargain. I so regret it.

There will be other tables.

Looking at the pictures, can you guess what my projects will be? Leave me a comment with your ideas. Stay tuned and I will post the completed projects. 🙂

Silver Trays 2

Silver Trays






Happy Thrifting

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