How to Organize a Small Linen Closet

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Have you taken inventory of you linen closet lately? If you’re like me, you are continually buying pretty towels without purging the older ones. Whether you purchase new towels for a bathroom refresh, you run into a white sale you can’t resist, or you just love the feeling of soft new towels against your skin, the rule of thumb should still apply. When you bring in a new one, an old one should go away.

Towel Shelf PM and SkitchI had not done a real purge until recently and my linen closet was overflowing. Some of the older towels were actually threadbare. I am so embarrassed. But they, like an old tee shirt, were the softest and most comfortable. Alas, I am the organization diva so they will become rags for washing the car or other cleaning jobs around the house. Others were in great shape but I had long since outgrown the color theme. My daughter was gifted with those. With two children, they will come in handy. That took care of the towels, washcloths and hand towels.


The bed linen was another issue. I had top sheets without matching fitted ones. I was surprised at how King Sheets & Wash Clothes PM & Stichmany twin sheets I still had in the bottom of the closet. I disposed of the twin beds that were in my daughter’s room years ago. Twin sheets? Why? I do have a daybed in my office but one white set and one beige set will do for that. The rest will get passed down to my daughter as well.


I have one queen size bed, guest room, and one king size bed, master. There were not as many sets for these beds but some were really old and the fitted sheets were all stretched out. So they were paired down as well.

During the linen closet reorg, I found a great use for the large plastic zipper bags we get when we purchase comforters. I stored all of my rarely used twin and queen size sheet sets. I threw in a dryer sheet and viola, they will remain dust free and smelling fresh for months. The king sheets that I use weekly are folded and each set is stored inside a pillow case. I also bought a fabric covered storage cube for the king sheet sets. I am proud of the look.

Extra Linen Rarely Used PM and Skitch

Finally, I used my new labeler to label the linen closet shelves. I realize this may sound like overkill; however, although I love labels, the labels also guide hubby when he is in a helpful mood.  This way I can accept his help without going behind his back and putting things where they really belong. But you did not hear that from me. 🙂

The ironing board fits perfectly on the door. Great space saver.

Ironing Board PM and Skitch






One more small space organized. Is there a small space in your home that you have organized recently?

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