How To Grow Fabulous Roses

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Fall To Do List Continued – My Rose Garden:

My rose garden thrived this year. The only issue is that when you feed and pamper your roses, the other shrubs thrive as well. I am not complaining because my roses were absolutely beautiful. As a matter of fact, some may say they thrived too well because they were huge. I say “they were” beautiful because my husband trimmed the shrubs the other day. Yes they definitely needed it but he also trimmed my roses and although the beds look really neat and clean at this point, I now have to wait for the fall bloom to share the loveliness of blooming roses with you. Believe me; I am praying they bloom for fall. They are knock-out roses and they usually do so we have a 50, 50 chance.

But I want to share with you why I think everything thrived so well this growing season. I tried the banana at the base of the rose bushes and I also used the Epsom Salt recipe for the soil. My research indicated that it’s the Magnesium Sulfate that makes it work. Apparently, these two minerals are crucial to growing thriving plants.  We also have the added advantage of using a fertilizer that is kind to the environment. It is a win, win combination. I am not what I would consider an environmentalist, but I do what I can to preserve the planet. So using these two all natural methods did make me feel good and I got oversized roses as well. Now if I could only figure a way to focus the process on only what I want to grow bigger and better, I would be golden. But for now, the shrubs are reaping the benefit as well.

So just in case you would like to use the Epsom Salt for your garden, here is what I did. And remember I used a recipe I found online at Salt Works,

When I initially rolled the soil around the existing roses, I simply sprinkled the Epsom Salt over the soil, the site suggests 1 cup of Epsom Salt for every 100 square feet. I will admit I did not measure that way. I sprinkled a little here and a little there and then turned the soil. Afterwards, I planted the new roses and after about a month or so afterwards I began watering the garden using the Epsom Salt bath which consists of filling my fertilizer sprayer with 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt and adding a gallon of water. And that’s it. It was that simple.

But before I forget, I also added banana peels around the base of existing roses and in the holes of the new roses that I added to the garden this year.  I do not compost, but I found while researching how to grow healthy roses, that bananas add key nutrients and nitrogen and the nitrogen is very important.  So I tried it and it worked.  I am very pleased with my garden this year.

Now I know your next question, so let me answer it before you ask it. Where are the pictures Clearissa? Well I am a blogger in training and I am just learning that I need to carry a camera, phone, tablet or something that can capture photos with me at all times. I promise I am trying to get better.  Hang in there with me and watch me grow into a blogging diva.

So that’s my end of summer, beginning of fall gardening journey so far. I still have summer plants blooming in my pots that I am so ready to remove but I’m in NC and we are still experiencing summer-like weather even though I’m in a Fall state of mind. I will post pictures once all the leaves fall and the garden has a fresh coat of mulch and my pansies are planted in my pots. I promise…I am going to get better with the pictures. And by the way, the picture on this page  is a picture of “my roses”, from my rose garden, not an internet picture. Yaay me!

One more good thing…these “Knock-Out” roses should give me a beautiful fall bloom as well. I can’t wait!

So let me ask you…what’s on your early Fall to do list?

Many Blessings,

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