Christmas 2017 – Sharing My Journey

Christmas 2017

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Christmas 2017 – Sharing My Journey

Let me begin by saying the obvious. Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year. It has been awhile since I have shared my thoughts, projects or daily activity with you guys. I haven’t written a blog videoed a blog and more importantly, I haven’t even written anything in my spiritual journal in about 2.5 months. How sad is that? I would say very!

Christmas 2017

Let me try to quickly explain a little of why I have been so distracted lately. A couple of months ago, I received the call that changed my life. My mother was hospitalized and of course, I drove the three hours to be with her. I had no idea just how bad it would be once I arrived. But I found my mother who is 5’6” weighing 85lbs and showing the first stages of dementia. I was shocked but not because my mom and I didn’t speak. We absolutely did! I talked to her every day on my way home from work and she appeared to be her same funny and quick-witted self. She was my ride or die every afternoon at 4:35. And I was lulled into thinking she was absolutely fine. I feel so bad about not knowing.

After spending almost a week of around the clock with her in the hospital, it was obvious that she was suffering from dementia. And during the hospital stay and episodes of aggression and other symptoms, the doctor determined she could no longer live on her own…alone. She cries every time I mention moving her from the town she was born and raised to the city where my daughter and I live. For now, I am picking my battles with her. I do not want to make her even more upset; however, after seeing the conditions she had allowed her home to deteriorate into, I had to agree with her physician and she was placed in an assisted living facility. Because she is there during this time of year makes the situation even worse, has me a little sad and maybe even a little depressed. I have decorated my home, I have taken the appropriate photos, but I just could not simply sit and discuss how great and warm and cuddly my life is right now when it actually is not.

Christmas 2017

I love my family, and I refuse to disappoint my grandkids, daughter, and husband so everything is going on as usual. Everything except the fact that my mom is not who she once was. Everything except the fact that I have to continue making that 3-hour drive (one way) twice a week for quite some time, everything except I have to get her home cleaned up and out at the beginning of 2018, everything except I am doing all of this while working my regular 9 – 5, trying to remain my oh so important connection with you guys, and trying to make my mom’s last days content and safe. Yes, I would say, my plate is quite full right now. But during this time I am so very grateful. I am grateful that I have had my mom in my life. I am grateful that I have a husband and daughter who are supportive during this journey, grateful that in the midst of all of this disarray and turmoil I am meeting people and reconnecting with people who are genuinely trying to help me. I am grateful for every prayer prayed on behalf of me and my family, I am grateful for every phone call from a friend just to see how I am doing through all of this and I am most grateful for the faith that is sustaining me through it all.

I have said all of this to say that although there are no excuses, the reason I have been missing in action is quite real and I feel reasonable – Family first! I am always honest with you guys and I feel I should continue while going through this situation as well. So there you have it. Through it all though, I want you guys to know that I still believe in miracles and although I may be a bit down right now, I am not out! Not out by any means.

Christmas 2017

So while you experience this season of miracles, I ask that you keep your family and friends close. Love on them and allow them to love on you. If you are missing a loved one, let the good memories sustain you, and pray and do some good for others.

I have lots of Christmas pictures that I intended to share with you guys and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen quite a few of them. I had so many good intentions of sharing DIY projects, and organizational tips during this holiday season, but God had another plan.  And as always, I have no choice but to concede to His excellence. I do have a lot of projects planned for you guys in the coming year and I also have an important announcement to make as well. So stick with me and stay tuned. I plan to also take you along with me on this journey of taking care of an elderly parent so stick and stay and I promise a more consistent plan in during the coming year.From our house and family to yours I send you Merry Christmas wishes with love, prayers, and sincere thanks for sticking with me through it all!

I love each of you. Until next year – stay safe and happy!

Christmas 2017

Until next time…Organization is my element

If you are interested in what Christmas on Bay was like last year you can find it here.

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