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What To Expect In 2018

It’s over. After all of the preparation and hard work, Christmas is over, and I don’t know about you, but I am okay with that. Hubs and I have already taken town alllllll of decorations and put them away. It took the entire day to get the decorations down, organized and put away. Now we can move onto 2018.

I decided this year, I was not going to just throw my ornaments in boxes and put them away without any rhyme or reason. This year, I took my time, this year we invested in large totes and of course I used my label gun. We worked on the decorations late last night and because of that, there is no video or pictures, but know that next year, I will know where all my decorations are located, and it will be easier to decorate. Yaay Me!! Oh yeah…Yaay Hubs too!! He helped. 🙂


I realize it may sound odd for an organizer to admit her decorations were a mess, but hey…this is real life, and no one is perfect, and my decorations were an area I simply ignored in the past. But I realized this year that pulling the decorations out and getting everything decorated is much harder when things are in disarray. So, I set out to fix that.

Moving on into 2018, I will be going through every closet and drawer in my home and purging and reorganizing.  For example, my sock drawer is a total mess but not for long. I am even going into hubs’ closet as well. He has put me off long enough so stay tuned and come with me and let’s purge, organize and clean our homes together.

Stay tuned for checklists and more how-tos, upcycles and DIYs in 2018. I may also try to add each blog to my vlog as well. And on my YouTube channel, I may even add some clean with me and shop with me videos as well.  And for those of you who read my last blog, I will also keep you guys up-to-date on my mother’s progress in her new assisted living facility. Oh, what a journey this has been.
So, until then. Tell me how you pack your Christmas decorations. Do you purchase special boxes or bins, or do you just dump yours in a big box? I am just curious.

Until next time…Organization is my element

If you are interested in what Christmas on Bay was like last year you can find it here.

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Until next time…Organization is my element




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