Closet Organization for Two – When You Have To Share

Closet For Two

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Closet Organization for Two – When You Have To Share

Closet For Two

Welcome to another edition of my closet series. This post is all about sharing because in today’s post I am adding a closet for two. If you have been following along with the series, you know I shared tips for the person who does not have to share a closet. You can find that article, A closet For One, here.

Closet For Two

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In many couples, there may be two different styles of organization. One may be the epitome of organization while the other partner is content living in organized chaos. Chances are there are many areas of your home where the organized partner takes charge and makes sure things remain neat and tidy. But what do you do if you have to share a closet with a partner who does not share your belief that everything has a place and should be in the specified place? Do not despair; you have a couple of options available to you and I am sharing my tips with you for how to share a closet with someone who has a totally different organization style than you.

Option one is to never allow anyone into your closet except you – which is probably NOT an option for most of us. Especially for those who share a closet with a partner or roommate. This is a sure fire way to ensure nothing gets misplaced or out of place. But it is not a very practical solution…right? If I were a betting woman, I would bet you my only child that option two is probably the way to go.


Option two is to organize the closet in a sensible way that makes finding items and putting them away just as easy as dumping them on the floor (well, maybe not that easy). Make sure everything thing has a home and that your partner knows where that home is. Remember that a system that works for you may not work for someone else; you need to get their buy-in too. If they are fine to leave the planning and organizing to you, investing a bit more time to label shelves and bins with the correct contents may save you some big headaches down the road.Stencil

Chances are if things are labeled, your closet mate will know where things should be placed and I am betting that he/she will be more apt to put things back where they belong. Labeling removes the urge to place things where it is most comfortable for a less than organized person and will nudge them to place them in that basket, box, bin that is labeled and calling out to the stuff at hand.


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Be prepared to do some damage control once a month, make sure the system is still working and weed out anything that is not working for both partners. I believe in maintenance because as an oranizer, I have organized many spaces for myself and clients that are gorgeous when I complete them but within six months, they are back to chaos. The reason for this is the lack of maintenance and/or choosing the wrong organization process for a particular personality type.

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Like anything in a relationship, sharing a closet involves a lot of give and take. Just don’t take it too seriously; your love of organization should not get in the way of your love for your partner. I believe that if the project is discussed and a solution is decided upon that suits both you and your partner, you can coexist in one closet space and be happy about it.


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If you take nothing else away from this article, please remember to be patient, choose a system that works for two and label, label, label. Did I say label? 🙂 And all important, check on and update your system about once a month to make sure it is working for you both. Maintenance is of the utmost importance.


Bonus Tips:

  1. If all possible, split the closet into zones. A zone or side for you and a zone or side for your closet partner
  2. Color code the clothing
  3. Use hangers that match (all one color, all one type)
  4. Find a good storage system for shoes (get rid of boxes if you can)
  5. Check out my tips for storing scarves, socks and other small items

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