Fall Refresh – It’s Time

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Fall Refresh – It’s Time

There is a nip in the air and the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees in the wooded area behind our house. Although still blooming, my roses aren’t as vibrant as they were a month ago. Fall is approaching. Prominent colors are no longer pink and white or blue and white. They are now gold and orange with a hot cup of spiced tea on the side. Here on the east coast, we are on the cusp of a seasonal change.

If you are like me, when the seasons change you like to change the look and feel of your home. Nothing enormous, no new furniture or anything expensive, but accessories to set the mood for a new season.  A seasonal refresh, if you will. Lighter throws and blankets are stored and replaced with comfy, cozy heavier ones, everything is a little heavier and a bit more substantial.

Lots of people have a favorite season and I suppose weather wise, fall is my favorite; however, I do not have a favorite refresh season. I love a good switcheroo for all seasons.

I have made a few fall changes to get myself, and my family acclimated to the upcoming changes in the weather and activities. Although I do not have a favorite refresh season, I will say, fall colors are my absolute favorite and I have layered my splash of yellow throughout our home with the fall golds, browns, and oranges. To me, the added colors add depth to a space.

It all begins aDoor 2015 PMt the front door with my new wreath. I was just window shopping at my local Tuesday Morning when I found this wreath and it was really cost effective or you know me…I would have left it there and made my own :). It actually cost me less to purchase this one than it would have cost me to make my own. SCORE!!!







Next I changed out tEntryway 3 2015 PMhe arrangement in the hall from summer flowers to a more fall like appearance. This is always a fun project as I love to shop for seasonal florals. I also added a couple of leaf shaped candy dishes that I filled with a spiced potpourri. It smells wonderful as you enter the small foyer.



I addeKitchen Counter 1 2015 PMd a few touches to the kitchen as well. I changed the dishtowels and added fall florals here as well. Just a touch here and there is all it takes. The room is understated yet colorful.


The dining room has two significant changes. The most noticeable is the table setting which changed from a summer navy and yellow (see the summer table scape here) to a fall gold, brown and orange with colorful leaves. It’s  simple, clean and oh so fall! 🙂
                                                    Dining Room Table 4 2015 PM  Dining Room Table 2 PM








Finally, the buffet received a refresh too. The summer bunnies and yellow florals are gone and replaced with a pumpkins, both white and the traditional white. The angel night light never moves from her perch. She is constantly watching over the house.

Buffet 1 2015 PMBuffet 2 2015 PM
Buffet 4 2015 PM



And that’s it, a simple seasonal refresh that, true to my style, cost little and our home is decked out for fall. I may make a few changes. I am thinking of up-cycling the foyer table and I may change out a few pillows, but we are ready for the chilly night and frosty mornings.

My roses are blooming late this season and I am patient with their beauty; therefore, I’ll wait until they’re done to add my pansies out front. That will be the last of the transition when I trim my roses, plant the winter pansies and roll up the summer red carpet until next year. Won’t be long now. Hot tea anyone? 🙂

Time to Organize for Winter – stay tuned! Heyt, I have an idea, where and what would you like to see me organize first? I am taking your suggestions.

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4 thoughts on “Fall Refresh – It’s Time

  1. Francene Stanley says:

    I love your autumn changes. You’ve inspired me to make an effort, although we’re a bit behind in the change of seasons here in England. I’ve noticed a brown change in the leaves in the giant horse chestnut trees growing outside.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Francene. We are just getting started here as well. The leaves are beginning to fall, but I love the colors so I’m always excited to get them up inside the house. 🙂 Be sure to share your pictures once you make your changes. I would love to see.

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