Organize On A Budget – Easter Tablescape and Vignette

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Spring has finally arrived. The weather is warm, daffodils are peaking their heads up and blooming bright yellow in some of the most unexpected places. I like to call daffodils little surprises because you never know where they will pop up. It’s wonderful.

I am now in the mood for spring and to bring the feeling of the season inside, I have imitated some of the colors of spring in my dining room.  Bright yellows, bright whites with a few blue hues are all part of my spring tablescape and vignette. These colors make me happy. I have created a couple of Easter vignettes in my dining room and both cost a total of $31.00. I understand that is much more than I usually spend but I’m satisfied because I can use the items over and over again.

Before I go into the hows of my vignettes let me give a breakdown of how the $31.00 was spent.

  • Two ceramic bunnies    $7.99                      2                              $15.9
  • Bunny ear napkin rings $2.99                     4                              $12.00
  • Colored Easter Eggs $1.00                           3                              $  3.00

Total                      $30.98

                                                 Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 11 Bunny Close Up PM                                        Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 4 PM

Everything else you see in the photographs were already in the home.

  • The navy blue charger plates were purchased at one of the local big box stores years ago.
  • The china, including the salt and pepper shakers were purchased when we were in Canada years ago.
  • The navy goblets were in the back of my cabinet. I found them when I purged, and re-papered my shelves. Once I purged some of the mismatch and older glasses, I now have room for the navy goblets to be seen and used.

Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 4 PM

  • The candelabras were purchased during one of my thrifting trips a few years ago. They generally sit on my kitchen table because they have a Tuscan feel that I love. There are three of them but I only needed two for this table scape.

Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 2 PM

  • I have had the yellow cloth napkins for quite some time.
  • Silverware, has been here for a while and it is inexpensive. I sold my real silverware years ago because I did not like cleaning it. Sometimes I regret that, but I have made due without it.
  • The flowers I purchased last year and they popped up and still look pretty and perky. It’s all about how you store them.

                                             Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 2 PM                    Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 5 PM

  • The yellow print pillows in the chairs were purchased for the deck but after a good machine washing they also popped back into shape are pretty, perky and perfect in this setting. I am thinking the deck will get a new look this year.

Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 9 Close Up Chair PM

  • On the sideboard I placed a navy blue bunny doorstop in front of the white platter. I love the fact that the ears also have a trace of burgundy because that is the color of the walls below the chair rail. The navy blue color of the bunny pulls from the navy blue charger plates on the tablescape.
  • I filled the tall vase and the crystal candelabras with the colorful Easter eggs to add even more spring color.

                                                     Buffet Vignette 4 PM           Buffet Vignette 3 PM

There you have it a tablescape and a vignette for $31.00. I think this qualifies as decorating on a budget. Don’t you?

Are you putting together an Easter vignette or an Easter tablescape? I would love to see you pictures.

                                                    Buffet Vignette 2 PM        Dining Room Table 2015 Spring Refresh 1 PM        Buffet Vignette 1 PM

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