Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Why Buy It? Make It Instead

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Why Buy It? Make It Instead

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Christmas DIY

While walking through Walmart the other evening, I saw an over-sized ornament that I fell in love with. Although I loved the ornament I couldn’t see myself paying approximately $7.99 for one Christmas ornament.

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I took a photo of the piece and decided I would pass it up. However, once home, I remembered that I had purchased wooden ceiling fan blades back in the summer and I had a light-bulb moment. I COULD MAKE IT.

Christmas Shopping Tip #3: Layaway

With that in mind, I made the piece. Let me know how you think I did. And you will be surprised at how little I spent.

From this:

Fan Blades

To This:


2 ceiling fan blades – In-house Habitat For Humanity – $1.00 each

Vinyl lettering – In-house Cricket

Greenery – Dollar Tree – $1.00


Grove Collaborative/Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

Jingle Bells – Dollar Tree – $1.00

Red Chalk Paint – In-house from Dixie Belle

Gold Acrylic Paint – In-house from AC Moore

E6000 – In-house

Glue Gun – In-house

avonMy Avon Boutique…Shop Now!


  1. Paint both  fan blades with red chalk paint (2 coats)
  2. Allow to dry between coats
  3. Glue fan blades together at an angle using E6000
  4. Allow to dry overnight
  5. Add the vinyl lettering of your choicea. If you do not have a vinyl cutter, you can use vinyl lettering or a stencil
  6. Edge the borders of the ceiling fan with the gold acrylic paint
  7. Using the glue gun, add the greenery and berries or embellishments of your choice

Watch me put it all together in the video above. A fun and almost free project that you can replicate.

Happy Crafting.

Enjoy more Christmas crafting here.

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Until next time…Find And Remain In Your Own Personal Element – God Bless!

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