Interview & Feature Story of an Organization Expert – Me – Part II

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Interview & Feature Story of an Organization Expert – Me – Part II

As promised last week, part II of my interview with Homeyou has been released.I hope you will take the time to read the interview in its entirety and to leave a comment. I love reading your perspective. An excerpt is below and you can catch the entire interview here. I am always excited when I see my name associated with organization expert. WhooHoo. And if you missed Part I of the interview, you can find it here. 

Again, I would like to say to The Command Center followers, this absolutely could not have happened without you; and I hope I have made you proud and happy to be a command center follower during the interview. Thank you each and every one for your support over the past year.

One other thing, I am also on the front page and they have even featured some of my projects and crafts/upcycles, in the Get Advice section of the Homeyou site. Check that out here.  As always, I want your feedback after you’ve checked out the interview. Leave your feedback in the comments section.

The Homeyou Interview Part II

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a professional organization expert? Now’s your chance! We’ve had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Clearissa Coward – blogger, mother, grandmother, and professional organizer. In Part II of our interview, she shares with us insider tips and tricks to start getting your home clutter-free and keeping it organized. Turns out organizing is more fun and rewarding than we ever thought!

HY: How do you advise someone with very little free time on how to maintain a well-organized house?

Clearissa: That’s simple for me. Once you get a space organized, make an effort to do something daily to keep it that way. Make this a routine so that it will eventually become a habit and you will know what you have to do every day to maintain an uncluttered and organized space. For example, decide you will never leave dirty dishes in your sink. It may sound overwhelming to begin with, but you will find that if you place breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, place all dinner dishes in the dishwasher, and run the dishwasher daily, you will never have dirty dishes in your sink. Set a schedule to empty the dishwasher before preparing dinner and running it every morning when leaving for work and voilà…the dish issue is settled. If you and your family have a chore list, make loading the dishwasher one person’s chore and unloading it another person’s. Sharing the load means one person does not feel overwhelmed.


To make life easier, what are the staples that every homemaker should have?

There are a few items I could not function without and I am so happy to share my list.

+ A journal. It does not need to be anything expensive. A three ring binder or a spiral notebook or whatever is comfortable for you. But you MUST have someplace to write down those ideas for DIY-ing, crafting, or organizing on the fly. Also, if you run across a design you like you can quickly add a pic to your journal.

+ Have a note section on your phone or tablet. This way when you run across something you absolutely love, you can snap a photo with your phone or make a quick note to refer back to. Later, print it and add it to your journal.

+ Make sure you have a glue gun. A glue gun is a necessary staple. And remember a glue gun without glue sticks is just clutter. Make sure to keep plenty of glue sticks on hand as well.

+ Chalk and chalkboard paints in black and white. You could decide to upcycle a lamp, jar, or something else in the middle of the night. I have a multitude of stored paint colors but to begin black and white are the basics.

+ Some sort of super glue or all-purpose glue.

+ Pinking and craft scissors.

+ White Vinegar is a cleaning staple for me. It fixes a myriad of sins.

+ Rubbing Alcohol comes in handy with lots of crafts.

+ Never run out of bathroom tissue & paper towels (or cleaning rags if you are a recycler)

+ Wicker or plastic baskets. They are great to have around just in case you decide to clean out a cabinet or shelf on the fly.

Catch the entire interview here. Thank you Homeyou for this opportunity and the collaboration.

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