Refreshing Your Bedding For A New Season…On A Budget Of Course

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Refreshing Your Bedding For A New Season…On A Budget of Course

On Saturday while the wind was blowing and the rain was falling, I found something productive to do. Let’s begin at the beginning. On Thursday evening I received an email announcing a bedding sale at Steinmart.  Well this must have been heaven sent because I have been looking for a new look for our master bedroom but hadn’t found anything that made me feel like snuggling in for the colder months.  At least not in my particular price range. Remember, I’m the Bargain Diva. So I waited for the right bedding at the right price. Steinmart usually has pretty things and the sale was a good one, so on my way home I stopped by.

Jackpot!!! I found 2-coverlets, one an ensemble and the other a single and the prices were not bad at all. If you own a king sized bed you know that every other size will be on sale except king size but not this time.  I was loving the bargains I found and feeling very smug about it all. I could get both and still remain within my approved budget. I made my way to the cashier feeling very happy with my findings.

Once at the cash register, the cashier gives me the same spiel as most stores, if you open an account you will get an additional 15% off…blah, blah, blah. Not worth an additional credit card…or so I thought initially. But then she said the two coverlets I chose were entitled to an additional discount, if I opened an account, in addition to the original sale price no less. The plot thickens. Well I opened the account and left the store with not one but two coverlets, 2 king sized pillow shams, 2 accent pillows and a set of king sheets and all for about $150.00. Yahtzee!!!! I will pay off the account and wait for another whopping sale on something else I need.

So with all these goodies in the closet, Saturday was a perfect day to give the master bedroom a mini makeover or facelift, if you will. Take a look at the pictures below. I think the bed is very inviting.

Master Bed PM 2 Master Bed PM 4

Since I changed the pillows on the bed in the master, I had extra accent pillows so I took those to the guestroom to give it a little face lift as well. In this room I simply washed the linen and added a few accent pillows from the master bedroom for a little change/upgrade for the new season. There is a daybed in my office and it’s only there because my teenaged granddaughter doesn’t like to sleep in the guest room. The office was her bedroom when she was a little girl because it was closer to my bedroom. And although she’s a teenager now, she still prefers it so I left the daybed even when I turned the bedroom into an office for myself.  In this room I simply added a pop of color with the red pillows. I think they really set that black and white pattern on fire.

Guest Bed  PM 2 Guest Bed PM 1                                     Daybed Upscale PM 1 Daybed Upscale PM 2

…and there you have it. Three beds redone, refreshed, and revamped for the price of one. Pretty good huh? Do you think that was a bargain?  How do you refresh your bedding?


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