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From My Garden

The peppers are from our garden! Yaaaay! We had too many to eat over the summer. We’ve shared with family and friends, we’ve eaten what we could and now we are drying some. But we are still harvesting peppers. I am not complaining. We have had a good season, but I have to do something with all of these peppers. I have seen peppers in vinegar or pickled peppers,  all over the place so I thought I would give that a shot as well.  Some of the peppers are really hot…what were we thinking? And we could not just eat them. But I put all of them no matter the intensity, into the same jar. I hope that wasn’t a mistake. I will let you know if that goes badly.  I am hoping the vinegar and the fact they are sitting for some time will lesson some of the heat but I tasted a little of the vinegar today and it is “smoking.” 🙂

If all else fails, they are so pretty in the jar! If the pickling doesn’t work, perhaps I’ll wrap the jar in twin for aesthetics. I absolutely love the look.  I actually love the look of my spice tray as well. While we’re on the subject, I am looking for a way to keep my honey from getting hard in the jar. You can see it next to my peppers on the left in the other mason jar. It is almost solid. When I use it I have to nuke it in the microwave to enable it to pour. I will appreciate any ideas. Maybe I’ll do a blog on the things I am having an issue solving. Hummmm…more to come.

Until next time…have you harvested any veggies or fruit that is still harvesting? Have you canned this season? I’d love to see what you’ve done. I had a pot garden this year. Next year I’m hoping to expand.


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Pickled Peppers 3  Peppers 1  Peppers 2

Pickled Peppers 4

Peppers 1

2 thoughts on “From My Garden

  1. Tammy says:

    This was my first year of gardening in Florida. Its different down here for sure. You can grow all year long but its not that easy. Summer time is so hard to grow anything but my green peppers just exploded all summer long. The only thing that produced in this heat. I have a freezer full now. My mom use to can peppers like yours. Always good.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thanks Tammy. Gardening in the FLA heat can’t be easy. But I’ll bet it’s lush during the spring and fall!. I’ll let you about my peppers. Like I said, I mixed them together and some were pretty hot. Yikes…:)

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