How Does Fall Look To You?

Fall Florals

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How Does Fall Look To You?

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Fall Florals

Fall is a beautiful season. Actually, in my humble opinion, fall is the most colorful and beautiful season of all. But I’m wondering, How Does Fall Look To You? And what is the most beautiful season in your eyes?

During the fall season, God paints the world in a beautiful color palette. The colors He paints the fall season are impossible to match, however, if you are like me, you do try to bring some of that beauty and warmth into your own indoor space.

Fall Vignette

Even though temperatures drop during the fall season, there is something cozy and warm about the colors that represent fall. God is an awesome artist, isn’t He? Only He could warm a cool and in some areas, cold season with color and paint it warm. I am totally impressed and grateful for His perfection and wondrous artistry.

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Be it a small vignette with fall colored leaves or a table filled with pumpkins and gourds, it is so easy to bring fall into the home and to make your home feel warm, cozy, and fall-ready.

Fall Vignette

I love to fill a space with fall colored leaves and some colorful mums to add a bit of color to a room. You can just place a bouquet of mums in a vase and viola…your space has been transformed. Or at least I think so. 🙂 But I want to know How Does Fall Look To You?

Fall Florals

You can also infuse a bit of orange to a neutral palette to add a touch of fall. Fall is so easy to represent indoors.  Like this tablescape, where black and white are the dominant colors but just adding a bit of orange turns this tablescape into a fall beauty.


Fall 2019 - Fall Tableacape

And as we can see in God’s outdoor painting, all of the colors of fall are not orange. There are beautiful burgundies, golds, greens and even yellow. There is just so much to see and feel in these beautiful colors.

Grove Collaborative/Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

If you haven’t already, I  suggest you take a walk and enjoy the fall scenery and once you do, come home and make a little fall magic of your own. Add a vignette here and a vignette there and before you know it, you have brought fall from the outside in.

If you are lucky you have had the good fortune to experience a fall day in the mountains. The first time I had that experience, it took my breath away.

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To actually stand in the midst of all that color in the mountains,  is simply amazing. It was after my first visit to the mountains during the fall season that I began decorating my home using the colors of fall during the season.

And do not forget that you can add a touch of fall to your curb appeal as well. You can set the stage at your entryway as well. Nothing says welcome like an inviting entry.

Fall Porch Decor

So tell me, do you decorate for the fall season? If you do, do you prefer traditional fall colors or a more muted palette?

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!





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