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Many people follow the adage of out of sight out of mind and I am ashamed to admit, I did as well where my spice cabinet is concerned. I am going to be humiliated to show you the before picture, but I have opened this can of worms when I began my blog I vowed to be perfectly honest about my messy spaces as well. So here goes. 🙂 There it is! That’s what my spice cabinet looked like 3 days ago (hanging my head in shame). I had to do something.

Before 1 PM

Let me preface the tutorial by saying I love to cook. It’s not an excuse, just a reason for all of the different spices you see above. Lately we have decided to work a plan to eat healthier and to use spices and natural oils to season our meals, thusly, I am trying new spices and I expect my collection will continue to grow as I try new things. My issue is that I have a small space to store spices, therefore, how I organize this space is very important. Game on!

My cabinets are small and my spice cabinet had reached a point where I could not find anything. I was also duplicating spices because I could not see what was in the back of the cabinet. There was total disarray. So I felt it was time to do something about it.

I started by making a run to a couple of my favorite stores for shelf lining paper, storage containers and 1 container lift and I was off to organizing. 🙂

Supplies 1 PM

Note here. As you can see, the shelf lining paper rolls are long and my cabinets are narrow. To make it easier and to avoid waste, I measured the width of my cabinet and cut the roll to fit in advance of cutting pieces to actually fit the cabinet from the original long roll. This worked out wonderfully. I only had to make one cut and the shorter roles left over can be used to line drawers.

Shelf Paper Role Cut in Half PM

Steps for organizing a spice cabinet:

  1. Remove everything from the cabinet
  2. Remove old shelf paper (if necessary)
  3. If there are duplicate items, combine them into one container (if applicable)
  4. Dispose of outdated spices (they lose their umph after 2-3 years)
  5. Wipe down all containers that will return to the cabinet
  6. Separate by container size and like items i.e. baking spices, Italian spices, etc.
  7. Insert container lift(s) (I only used one for shorter containers)
  8. Replace spice containers, keeping like items together in the same storage container
  9. Stand back and enjoy the view of your newly organized and clean spice cabinet

Good news…After combining duplicates and tossing others, I ended up with an empty container and space on the container lift for more short containers. Yaaaay me!!!

Lining Paper Close Up PM                              After 4 PM                             After 2 PM

How do you organize your spice cabinet? Share your ideas. I would love to see and share them. If you like this post you may also like this one.

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