Is it A Goal or a Dream?

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I love Music!! Do you have a bucket list? The two statements seem disjointed but for me they are intertwined. If you’re younger than 40 you are probably zoning out right about now. Your eyes are glazing over. But hang in there with me for a minute because one day you youngsters will get older, hopefully because the alternative is not a pleasant thought. And perhaps you too will have a bucket list. 🙂 With that said, I want to share one of my heart’s desires and bucket list secrets with you. Gather around so I can whisper this to you…I want to learn to play the piano. It’s never too late to learn…right?

Playing the Piano_January 2015 2_

I don’t want to date myself, but I am so in love with the musical genius of the likes of Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock and Joe Sample. I could and still can, put my headset on and listen to the piano genius of these guys, and others in their genre, for hours of cleaning or relaxing in a bath.  And I can simply drift away.

When I was younger and less wise, I wondered why them? Why do they have this talent and I do not? And I finally figured it out. They practiced. They were dedicated. They focused on playing the piano and being the best they could be. I have to admit, I love the sound. I love the feeling of a good piano piece; I love the groove. After-all, the head bobbing movement began with piano jazz. At least in my world. Back in the day all popular artists had a ghost like piano grove on their tracks. But with all that love of the music I am still not dedicated enough to desire to make it a focus or real priority in my life. That is the difference between a goal a dream. A dream is free where a goal costs you something. Be it time, money, dedication, or focus, it will cost you. It costs nothing to dream. Goals have time limits. Dreams do not. You can dream about something forever without making a move on it but a goal has a beginning and an end with milestones in between. Finally, goals produce results while dreams do not.

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Realistically, I wanted the fame, but I never moved on the dream. So it was only a dream for me and not a goal. Get it? A dream not a goal. Which means I did nothing to work toward achieving it. Instead, I spent time dreaming it would happen.

Although I realize in my musical spirit that I will never become a Quincy Jones in the music field (I don’t have that much time left on this earth) I now want to spend the time to learn how to move my fingers over the ivory to produce a melodic sound . My goal is to simply fulfill a fantasy of playing one decent tone. A haunting tune.  A sensitive melody on the piano. Just one.

Because I believe it is never too late, I have moved “learning to play the piano” up a few notches on my bucket list. Not at the top of the list, but at least in the top 20. What better way to enjoy an afternoon than with a piano instructor…right? That concept was not very entertaining when I was younger, but now it is more appealing. Oh the ignorance of youth.

Do not get me wrong. So far I am only researching online and I will not run out and sign up for piano lessons or purchase a piano tomorrow, next month, perhaps not even next year. But what works for me is to have a plan in place. There has to be a plan if playing the piano is to move from my dream playbook to my goal novel.

Quincy Jones or Herbie Hancock have nothing to fear from my musical talents. But they should know they have inspired me for years. If not to play piano music, they have inspired me to love the haunting melody of piano keys under the right hands and talent.

Playing the Piano_January 2015 3_

I am aware that I still have not made this a hard  and serious goal. I wonder, is there such a thing as a soft goal? I’m leaning towards – no. Until I make a schedule, until I put a plan on paper and then into action, this remains a dream and calling it a soft goal doesn’t change anything! Now that’s me being realistic. 🙂

Stay tuned…giggle, giggle. Get it?

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