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Hair Care

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I Finally Found It…

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Hair Care Products

We all want healthy hair. No matter the length or the style, we just want it healthy…right? We spend lots of money on products to soften, grow, add texture and volume, and even color our crowning glory. But rarely do we find a product that really works when it promises to stop breakage or to promote growth.

Most of the products on the market make extreme and beautiful promises but rarely are the promises realized and we are often left disappointed. I can only speak for myself here, but I had basically given up on finding a hair care product that actually performed as promised. I had given up until a cousin of mine invited me to try her new, all-natural product line. I decided to support her new business but I went in not expecting real results. I just thought I would support a family member and that would be it, so a couple of months ago, I purchased a beginner’s kit. And Whoa!!!!

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The Journey

Before I tell you about the products, let me explain the condition of my hair before I tried the all-natural product line. About 8-9 years ago, I had a horrific experience with a hair braider. I had my hair braided before a cruise and the braider pulled my hair so tight until the hair at my hairline was falling out from the weight and the tightness of the braided hair. It was horrible and oozing, and just nasty, once I got back to a real stylist after the cruise, my hairline was basically bald.  I tried everything to fix the problem. As I said, I tried all of the products that made the extravagant promises, I visited the dermatologist and nothing worked. I just accepted that my hairline would never be the same.

Hair Care

The Good News

Let me say this is not a sponsored ad. I paid for my products. I am telling you about these products because they actually worked for my hair when I thought nothing would and I want anyone else who is struggling with thinning hair or hair that breaks easily or hair that is just dull and will not grow to at least know there is one more thing to try before you give up.

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Chaya Hair & Skin Oil Products

Chaya Hair & Skin Oil Products are all-natural and for me, they have worked. My hair is no longer breaking, it is thicker without split ends and is all around healthier. And to top it off, my hairline is no longer slick and shiny. There is hair there. It’s not thick yet, but hey after over 9 years of little to nothing, it is a start and I am stoked.

Hair Care

I ordered the Hair Growth Kit the first time and I have since replaced the Hair Growth Spray, Xtreme Hair Growth Oil and added a new product, Kryptonite, to my arsenal. I have replaced the products, because I have used the products. I have used the products because the products have worked for me. I would definitely recommend these products.

Hair Care

A great feature of this company is that all ingredients are listed for your review. You will know exactly what you are using and everything is all-natural.

Whether you are a natural girl or if your hair is chemically treated, these products will help your hair reach the healthy stage we all strive for. Yes, I still wear my girlfriends. Meaning I either weave it or wig it most of the time, but it is a good feeling to have healthy hair of my own and to know I can wear my own hair if I choose to (once I learn what to do with natural hair – that’s another journey :)).  Will I ever completely stop wearing my girlfriends? Probably not! But I am happy to have options. Thank you Chaya Hair Products for giving me yet another option.

Now is a great time to try these products because if you use the link below, you can receive a 15% discount by using the following code: 15OFFNOW. Check out the site at chayahairskin.net and remember to tell them I sent you.

Remember…this is not a guarantee. It worked for me and many others, but everyone is different. However, it could not hurt to try!!

Are you a natural hair girl? Do you use all-natural products? Do you have a hair journey you would like to share? Please do so in the comment section. I would love to hear what has worked for you.


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Happy hair journey.

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