I Vowed to Never Break a Promise to Her…Here’s Why


Written by Clearissa Coward
She Knows, November 21, 2015

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I Vowed to Never Break a Promise to Her…Here’s Why

The article below was published by SheKnows, I am proud to be an influencer. An exerpt from the article is below and you can read the entire article here.

When you grow up in a family where promises are not honored, you learn not to expect much. That way when promises are not kept or someone’s word is broken, you aren’t disappointed. You learn to simply go with the flow — no matter which way it’s flowing. You learn not to believe or believe in the people you should count on most. You learn your role models may say this today but do that tomorrow. You actually learn to depend on yourself. Because in a world of broken promises self is really all you have.

When you grow up in a silo for much of your life, you make plans for the perfect life to come. You plan to be the perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect friend. And then you realize, with time, that there is no such thing as a perfect person. But, what you can do is be better. What you can do is step up and be better to yourself than others were to you.

Most importantly, I set out to be an engaged and “present” mama. I think I succeeded. I was only blessed with one daughter, and the mother-daughter dynamic can be a challenge at times, but I promised myself, and even my God, that I would always keep my promises to her. At least that I could do. Read more…

I believe in miracles…do you?






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