How to Make Your Filing System Work For You, Not Against You…

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Do you want your files to look like this? Of course you do!  And the good thing to know is that you can have it. I have used the Smead Viewables at my office (9 – 5 gig) for years and recently I purchased a personal system to complete a home office project for a client.

PM_Viewables 1 PM_Viewables 4 PM_Viewables 2

The system is wonderful and now that I have completed the project for my client I am focusing on the same project for my home office. To be honest, I am jealous of how awesome her system turned out. Just kidding, I am so pleased that my client is pleased, but I do want the system for my files as well. I need to think through the organization of the files and decide which files should have what names and how to best set up the files to accommodate my personal  filing style for both my personal/family files and my “new” business files as well.

I am looking forward to sharing the completed project with you in the near future. But take my advice and always think a project through before jumping in without a plan. Many times that will only cause regret and more work when you have to redo the project. Redesign is great! However; redoing because you did not plan well is not.

If you are struggling with a filing system that you and your business have outgrown or that is simply not working for you, or if you want a filing system that makes your life easier, contact Customized Business Solutions or Divinely Redesigned for a free 15-minute filing system consultation. I will help you figure it out and develop a personalized  filing system that works best for you. I guarantee the system we develop together will make your business run smoothly, your household files less threatening and generally give you piece of mind when you are desperately searching for that important document that you need right now. The reason the system will work is because the system will be personalized and based on the technique that most suits your individualized style.

Stay tuned for the completion of my personal filing system redesign. I will have pictures of the finished project. Remember to contact me via my website to set up some time for your free 15-minute filing system consultation.

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