Master Has A New Look-Paint Makes The Difference

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Master Has A New Look-Paint Makes The Difference

The Master Bedroom

I have completed another project!!! Can I get a Yaaaaay!!!! Thank you very much. There are a couple more things I need to do (paint my lamps and find 2 yellow throws) but for the most part, my master bedroom and bath are done and I was just too excited to wait to share it with you. So here we go…The master has a new look – Paint Makes The Difference

Master Update

This time I did a little more than just refresh. I wanted to change paint colors. If you remember I had all Tuscan colors a burgundy accent wall – dated. Different shades of rich beiges throughout – dated. And although I still love Tuscan style I am ready for a little lightning and brightening. So, drum-roll, please…I wanted to introduce gray into my home. I have held out for the longest! I decided I would not be manipulated into the new trendy color; however, I could not resist the clean and freshness of the new gray. But making that change brings about other problems. All of the other rooms are drenched in rich and warm colors so a cool and/or steel gray just would not work. With that in mind, I had to really search for a warm gray. But there were so many choices! Sometimes too many choices can become overwhelming as was the case with this search for the perfect gray. (My furbaby joined me for the pictures today. I just picked him up from the groomer and I suppose he believes he’s photo worthy. He’s funny). 

Bedroom View

Finally, I settled on two colors. Sherwin Williams’ Greige, which is a gray/beige combination and Sherwin Williams’ Versatile Gray. I chose the greige for the bedroom and versatile gray for both areas of the bath and when I tell you the rooms just opened up and became lighter and brighter with every paint stroke, I am telling you the truth.

With these two colors, I am still able to use my beiges but they are lighter and just fresher. If you remember I had already upcycled my lingerie chest and vanity and while all of the painting was going on, I took the opportunity to clean, sand, and re-stain my nightstand, hubs night table and our dresser. It was a great excuse to clean up scratches and wear and tear.

Bedroom Update

Bedroom Update

Bedroom Update

bedroom update

Bedroom Update

Note: I found this crystal piece at a flea market for $2.00 and believe it or not, it is real crystal!!!

Bedroom Update

Vanity View

I love the new color on the walls. Do you like the paint update? How about the furniture refreshes? You can see the vanity update here. And find the lingerie cabinet upcycle here. And the leather chair project was one of my first. I found the chair at a thrift store and it was in need of some love. See how I brought it back to life here.


The Master Bathroom

Like the bedroom, first I would love it if you would concentrate on the wall color. I love it!! Although I thought I loved my bathroom before, even with all of the upgrades needed, I really love it now. I also know I am on the way to more. I am budgeting for flooring and new shower doors. Isn’t it funny how something as simple as changing paint colors can lead to a host of other desired changes? Well, I love it and other than my family, upcycling/crafting and decorating are the vein of my existence. But that is what we do here at the Command Center…right? We continually upcycle, craft and try to make things better.
All I needed for this project, other than the paint was a good cleaning and a lot of purging. I threw out old makeup and other normal items we buy and do not use, wiped out the cabinets, and storage containers and reorganized the cabinets but that was for me and not really a focus of this post. I also downsized excess towels and do-dads from countertops and the over-the-toilet storage shelf. I just minimized stuff.

All of the curtains in both the bedroom and bathroom were laundered and all surfaces wiped down and dusted (including blinds). I also washed all storage containers. The curtains I used are sheer and non-obtrusive because of the size of the room. I tried to use just enough curtain to soften but not over-power.

My dream is a seamless shower door and new tile on the floor but for now, I am happy with the look and more importantly, feel of the bath. Clean, light and bright. That is my new theme. And you know for us, the cost is always important. For this project, I spent the following?

Paint for walls:  $34.00

Painter:  $75.00 (really nice guy and good price)

Stain for furniture:  $0.00 )

Accessories:  $0.00 (made a lot of them, thrifted some and upcycled the others)

Total spent for this project: $109.00 (not bad for a space this size…right?) Do not forget two of the furniture recycles were done in previous posts and those budgets were accounted for there)

What do you think? Do you like the versatile gray? Can you see the beige undertones?

Master Bath Upcycle 2017

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12 thoughts on “Master Has A New Look-Paint Makes The Difference

  1. Grammy Dee says:

    Here’s your Yaaaaay!!!! Of course your furbaby is photo worthy 🙂 Everything looks great, nice redo. Thank you Clearissa for linking up and co-hosting at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I shared this post.

  2. Carol ("Mimi") says:

    Yes. I do like the Greige paint color. Your bedroom and bathroom look great, and you did the whole job on a terrific, low budget — very smart! Kudos! Thank you for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’m sharing your post on social media.

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