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Monday’s Memories – Family Purge Project

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Monday’s Memories – Family Purge Project


I have a question for you. How do you and your family deal with clutter and/or cleaning? Is your family like most, where the purging and cleaning rests mainly with one person?  At our house, it mainly rests with me; however, sometimes I need a little help and I have learned to ask for it. If you are the person in charge of maintaining the organization of your home and family, this post is for you. If you are not that person, perhaps this article will help you to help the person that is.

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The important thing to remember here is planning ahead. I would plan this family purging/cleaning project on a Saturday when the whole family is at home. I suggest planning ahead (at least a couple of weeks ahead) so everyone can get mentally prepared. I would also add this project to the family calendar so other things are not planned. Do not push this project out unless there is an emergency. Make it known that this project is very important and not an afterthought.  Because this is a family project and we do not want your helpers to get overwhelmed or bored, I would set this first project time limit at one hour and use a timer. It wouldn’t hurt to add an incentive for the children as well. Depending on the age of the children, perhaps a movie pass for your child and a friend. Or something that you know your child)ren) will appreciate.


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Challenge each member of your family to spend their hour in their personal spaces purging things they no longer use. Include the children. Any toys they no longer use or have outgrown will be donated to children who have less. Not only is this an organization challenge it can also become a teaching moment.

Use the steps below:

1. take the hour and have a family one-hour purge.

2. remember to set your timer or alarm on your cell phone so that you do not get involved and spend more than the allotted time (that would be a disaster). Just kidding, I realize sometimes organizing can become addictive.

3. the children can concentrate on toys they have outgrown or no longer find interesting.


4. children can also clean their desks and dispose of all old papers and/or books they are no longer reading.

5. again, use this as a teaching moment and explain the importance of helping others and that the books and old toys will be donated to children who are less fortunate. This is also a good time to teach them how to use the donate, trash, and sell bins that you have used all week.


7. Trust me, they will feel a part of the process when they get to choose which toys, books, etc. they want to get rid of.

8. Because you are usually in charge of purging you can use this hour to go from room to room helping everyone remain on track.

9. If hubby is involved (and he should be) he can spend his 10 minutes in the garage, man cave, or any other area that he claims as his space. If he is the cook, he can spend his time in the utensil drawer in the kitchen.

10. The areas to purge can be as diverse as each family. Choose areas that you feel needs the most family attention and go for a family purge.

11. I would love it if you would share before and after photos as well.

Note, the last time my hubby and I had a family purge, he amazed me with all that he was willing to let go of from our storage shed. He cleared out so much that we were able to put a small freezer out there. It was a great day!

Enjoy your organizing project and remember…A place for everything and everything in its place.

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!




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16 thoughts on “Monday’s Memories – Family Purge Project

  1. When the children were still living at home, I always had them go through their rooms and pick items out to be tossed/donated if I felt their rooms were getting too cluttered. I do the rest of the house myself, leaving the garage, sheds, and basement to my husband. However, I tend to get people mad at me if I get rid of their stuff without asking them beforehand. 🙂

  2. haha Amy, you sound just like me. I get into lots of trouble when I purge my husband’s stuff and I did when my daughter was at home too. 🙂 Hey sometimes a little trouble is worth an organized space…but don’t tell our loved ones. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. I love the photo of the organized drawer. I have bouts of purge and then find myself collecting again and must purge again. It’s a cycle of life.

  4. Hi Carol,

    Yes indeed, it is a cycle. I do the same. I recently worked on my kitchen cabinets and drawers and I always surprise myself with the “stuff” that accumulates. It’s as if it comes in on its own. 🙂 Now for the dreaded pantry. That is generally my problem child. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in.

  5. I do purge from time to time. I usually have no attachment to ‘stuff’ so am happy to see it go. My partner on the other hand, finds it a challenge to toss anything out. I’m probably due for another clean out so thanks for the reminder.

  6. Hi Jennifer and thanks for stopping in. You and your partner sound like me and my husband. Although there are some things I do have to force myself to purge I do it, but hubs on the other hand needs a bit of a nudge to purge. 🙂

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  8. Okay. I can. Where do I find the banner?

  9. When the children were still living at home, I always had them go through their rooms and pick items out to be tossed/donated if I felt their rooms were getting too cluttered. I do the rest of the house myself, leaving the garage, sheds, and basement to my husband. However, I tend to get people mad at me if I get rid of their stuff without asking them beforehand. 🙂

  10. Great idea to set the timer so the family will be more excited about a shorter blocks of time organizing and decluttering. So nice to be co-hosting on the link party today. Have a wonderful week, Kippi #kippiathome

  11. Thank you Kippi. I am happy to be a cohost as well and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  12. Indestructible, I have the same issue with my husband. If I toss it, it is bound to have been the most important thing ever. But he gets along fine without it. 🙂 It’s the oddest thing. Thanks for stopping in.

  13. Well, I’m the one storing things in the shed, the basement…. I am thankful that normally my husband does not throw things away. He is usually very tolerant of the things I keep for projects…

  14. Hi Liberty,

    I hoard a few craft items myself so I totally understand. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Thank you Clearissa for CO-hosting omhgww with us this month.
    Your post has been Pinned and I have Tweeted your party
    Have a great week!

  16. Thank you Karren. It is indeed my pleasure. Have a blessed week.

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