Office Space Gallery Wall Reveal

Upcyle using paint & stencil

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center

Gallery Wall

Today I am sharing my farmhouse styled gallery wall on my Youtube Channel. The best part of this reveal is that almost everything, no everything except the photos was DIY’d and inexpensive. I am guessing the entire wall cost me $15.00 and I’m not sure it was even that much. Well, perhaps it was if you count the Command Strips.

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C4 Boutique

A few of the pictures on the wall are from my mom’s house when we shut it down this past summer. She was placed in an elderly center this summer. My dad passed years ago but I still feel all warm inside when I look at the awful charcoal print of me at 18. He had that done while serving one of his two terms in Vietnam. He had a photo of me in his wallet and had the artist replicate it. It looks nothing like me but it made my dad happy and that makes me happy so I display it with love. I also have one that he had done of my mother. It is not very good either, but I will hang it on my second gallery wall soon.Upcyle using paint & stencil

YouTube Channel

I painted all sorts of different frames black for this wall to make them cohesive. I also used stencils and old placemats and ceiling fan blades as part of this display. Tell me what else you think the wall could use. By the way, I have another video that shows the painting and stenciling of a few of the pieces.


Believe it or not, I am working on yet another gallery wall that will be just the opposite of this one. It will be in whites but I still hope to bring in the modern farmhouse style. Stay tuned for that. But for today, I hope you will make your way over to my Youtube channel to see this video. While there, I would love it if you would subscribe, like, comment and share the video.


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