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Week at a Glance

I had a productive week and just in case you missed any of my posts, I’ve decided to do a weekly recap, when I can, on Fridays.  One of my goals for this year is to write at least three blogs a week, and I think the weekly recap will help to hold me accountable. I realize things will come up, writer’s block will come along, but for the most part, I want to stick to my plan. So let’s get started with this past week, March 16 – Mach 19, 2015

I began a new series this week called Organizing on a Budget and the projects associated with that project as well as other article(s) posted this week are blow for your convenience.

Monday, March 16

Organize on a Budget-Small Spice Cabinet – I enjoyed this project and it may be one of my favorite because it has helped me to get organized in my kitchen which is very important. I am enjoying my new and improved spice cabinet. You can find this post here.

aAfter 2 PM   My cabinets are small and my spice cabinet had reached a point where I could not find anything. I was also duplicating spices because I could not see what was in the back of the cabinet. There was total disarray. So I felt it was time to do something about it. Read more at Clearissa’s Command Center .

Tuesday, March 17

Organize On A Budget – I originally posted How to Refresh a Laundry Closet Without Spending a Penny was originally posted here.  This was a project that did not cost a penny but had big results. The laundry closet is much brighter which makes the chore of doing laundry a little more pleasant. It’s still not my most favorite thing to do, but at least now the area isn’t depressing. My laundry closet is now a happy place. 🙂

Laundry Room Refresh - Complete 3 - Clearissa's Command Center PMThe dark space has bothered me for over a year and I finally decided to do something about it. First I chose a pretty and bright color for the walls. I wish I could give you the name of the color paint used, but I mixed a couple colors to get it. I have a gold in my guest room and a yellow in my office and I mixed the two to come up with the bright gold I have now. I likey! You can read more here.

Wednesday, March 18

I Have an Addiction was written for Wednesday and was outside of my spring Organize On A Budget series. The article was written for Moms Magazine and was written with humor. However, although humorous, it depicts a real part of my life that I feel requires a little rearranging.

I Have An AddictionThis addiction has progressed over the last couple of years. Before this addiction I would grab a book when I climbed into bed. Not anymore, now I grab my TV remote – I am so ashamed! There was a time I would play music if I were cleaning the house or cooking a meal, now I turn on the DVR in each room when I clean and the one in the kitchen if I’m preparing a meal.  I know, I know, I am bad! Read more here

Thursday, March 19

I ended the week with another addition to my Organize on a Budget series. The final project this week is Organize on a Budget – Spring Kitchen Refresh. This was an easy project because it only required small changes. The kitchen received a big punch by adding pops of color. My kitchen is all “springed” out and brightened with color.

Spring 2015 Kitchen Refresh-Tray and Fishbowl Close Up 13 PMIt’s the middle of March, we have sprung our clocks forward and yet, the temperatures are still in winter mode. Cold or not, I am in the mood for a little spring time, at least inside. And although I may be jumping the gun, I just could not stand it any longer. Besides, I figured if I spring clean and refresh while the temperatures are still cold out, I will be ahead of the game and ready to hit the outside as soon as the temperature is above 60.  So I have begun my spring and summer cleaning and refresh. Read more here. 

I’m not sure how long this series will continue but I am enjoying sprucing up the areas of my home that needed attention but did not require a total make over. I hope you are enjoying the series as well and will come back next week for more small spring refreshes or Organizing on a Budget.

Have an awesome and organized weekend

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