It’s Time To Prepare Your Deck/Patio for the Upcoming Season

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It’s Time To Prepare Your Deck/Patio for the Upcoming Season

Can you belive the summer is out and fall is in? I must say I am so happy about that. This past summer has been grueling and I am ready for chilly nights, sweaters, comfort food, and cozy evenings inside. This is very different for me. I usually hold on to the deck until the very last minute. But not this year. Uh Oh, am I getting to the downsizing phase? Do I need a condo downtown with a small balcony and no yard space? Humm…Naw! It’s just been a difficult summer. I’ll be back strong next spring. 🙂 But for now, it’s time to prepare your deck/patio for the upcoming season.

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Time to take the deck and/or patio furniture in and prepare the area for the upcoming winter weather. I am always a little torn this time of year. I hate ending the summer and putting all of the colorful pillows and summer items away but on the other hand, I am also excited to settle in and cozy up for the winter and holiday seasons. Anyone else have that delimma?

I prepared the deck this year for summer and then we had this heatwave that was born for the Bahamas. Whew…It was too hot, too dry (no rain), too humid, and simply too much! Okay, enough complaining. 🙂 You wanna see how prepared I was for a great summer outdoors? Check it out here.

Fall UpcycleUnless you are blessed with a covered area or live in a warm climate, it’s time to get to work winterizing your deck or patio. Just putting the pillows away is not enough. We should first launder them and pack them appropriately and prepare our hard surfaces for the harsh weather that will soon be upon us.


  1. Clean Pillows and Flower Containers
  • Run all of the small pillows through a wash cycle.
  • Clean all larger pillows with mild soap and water.
  • Empty leftover potting soil from all flower containers that will not be used during the winter. (I empty the soil in my flower bed area).
  • Wash out all flower pots and store in a shed or other covered area to avoid standing and stagnant water.
  1. Cleaning Hard Services

Fall Upcycle

  • Wipe down all hard services (tables, chair frames, benches, wine carts etc.).
  • Cover items that will remain on the deck with a tarp (I only leave my table out and once cleaned, I cover it with a tarp).
  • Once chair frames are cleaned store in the shed, if possible (I store all stools with fabric seats and chair frames in the shed to protect them from the elements).
  • The more you protect your outdoor furniture from the elements the less painting you will need to do in the spring.

Now on to the deck and/or patio surface(s)

  1. Inspect & Repair Deck/Patio

Fall Upcycle

  • Once all debris has been removed and the deck/patio is clean, you should spend some time inspecting your deck or patio.
  • Tighten screws, replace nails and any boards on the deck or cracked cement or any other damage on the patio.

4. Get Rid of Leaves

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Fall Upcycle

  • No doubt autumn leaves look beautiful on trees but when they fall they become a nuisance and cover your yard, patio, and deck. These leaves get stuck between boards and during rain, these leaves absorb lots of moisture, it slowly gets transferred to the deck and will lead to damage and staining in the long run.
  • If you are surrounded by trees, as we are, invest in a blower. It will be well worth the expense. The one we purchased blows leaves and snow.
  • Be sure to pay close attention to corners and under items left on the deck/patio when blowing or sweeping the leaves. Not only to avoid moisture which will lead to mildew and wood damage, but critters sometimes make these leaf piles their home and we certainly don’t want that.
  • Blowing the leaves is not a one-time chore. You will need to do this once or perhaps even twice a week to keep them from collecting and damaging your deck or patio.

Note:  Although not a part of the deck or patio, remember to remove the leaves from your gutters as well. Leaves, bird nests, and nuts that the squirrels hide in your gutters can cause them to back up and not drain properly. This can cause major damage to your structure if not removed.

Although it could take an entire weekend to get your deck and/or patio ready for winter it is well worth your efforts. It will protect your investment, make your space look clean and organized during the winter and make set up easier next spring.
SPANXMake sure you do not put this outdoor chore off. It will so easy to just not do it once the temperatures drop and it’s cold outside. Think of it this way, you are not just preparing for winter, you are also preparing for next spring as well. The thought of next spring may make the chore a bit easier. 🙂

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