With Procrastination Clutter Grows…And Can Cripple You!


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With Procrastination Clutter Grows…And Can Cripple You!

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“I’ll get to it tomorrow.” “I have so much to do, that can wait.” “I need to set aside a block of time for that.” “I just can not deal with that today.” “I am binge-watching my favorite show.” Do these excuses sound familiar? 😆 I am certain one of two may ring a bell with all of us. And these are the types of excuses that get us bogged down deep in to clutter.

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The most common problem most people have with getting rid of clutter and getting organized is knowing how to begin or where to get started. So it gets put off until…later.

Of course, the reasons are usually valid or at least in our minds, they are valid anyway.

For one, there is a lot going on in our lives. We go in so many directions and there never seems to be enough time to get anything done. We are scattered all over the place and pulled rather thin. It is simply the way of the world.

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And it is easier to put organizing off because you think it will take up too much time right now. There is just so much going on and there other priorities — like eating and sleeping (minor things, right?) of course take first on the list.

But getting organized does not have to take a lot of time every single day. I have been saying this forever and I will continue to find ways to say until we are all happy, organized and living our best organized and cozy lifestyle.


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And if you do not start getting organized, even just a little bit at a time, there are some very real negative effects that, well, could add even more stress to your life and cripple and stifle your happy lifestyle.

A little drastic… I know.

But the affect clutter and disorganization have on your everyday life and even your health is very, very real.

-It adds stress to your already busy life.

-It sucks away your energy and makes you tired.

-In many people, it increases the symptoms of depression.

But enough of the negative stuff!

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Here’s how we can benefit from being organized and getting rid of clutter…

-More sleep.

-A better mood every day.

-Better relationships.

-Easier house management.

-Your bills get paid on time.

-More space.

-More time to do things you actually enjoy!

This is all very real stuff and getting organized should not be put on the back burner any longer.

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But I know…it is still too easy to put it off for “later.” Or to do what I like to call, the “start/stop” method. That is when you begin an organization project and you are all excited and pumped until you get into the meat of the project and then you get discouraged and stop working on it. Leaving you in a more organizational mess than you were before you began the project.

Messy room

I will admit, the here and now makes it easier to pile things on the counter, on chairs and tables or toss things in closets and drawers. It is too easy to put things down and ignore my simple and important rule of “touch it once.” But trust and believe the method of just putting things down will cause you more work and more stress in the long run.

No joke!

Have you ever watched the show Hoaders? Now, I do not watch it very often because some of it can be very gross but watching it the few times that I did, made me want to get up and first take a shower, and secondly organize my entire life in one fell swoop. Not smart but that show will push you to the limits.


These stories are very sad, and very drastic and of course our stories are not that horrific, but for our particular level of clutter, we must start taking control now to ensure we will never, ever reach anywhere near that level dysfunction.

I will just bet that if we look back let’s say 20 years, those now out-of-control hoarders did not ever think they would end up living the way they do now. It takes time to build that magnitude of dysfunction and most of them say, they never saw the crippling clutter coming. It is so sad to see how it affects their relationships with family and friends as well.

Again, I realize our clutter is nowhere the life of a hoarder, but we can certainly do better and be better at organizing our lives. At the very least I can speak for me and when things are out of order and cluttered in my life, I feel stressed and frustrated with a real desire to simplify.

And we all know stress is not good.

Perhaps all you need is to manage papers better because once in a while you forget to pay a bill that was sitting somewhere in a pile (because you do not have a real system for your bills — which you need.)


No big deal, right?

Or perhaps you want to declutter that closet before the new season so that you can fall into fall feeling refreshed and organized. Or maybe your kitchen could use a bit of decluttering and cleaning after the summer with the kids at home…well Now is the time to tackle it. No more procrastination. Set a date and do a little at a time. It may take you a week of spending an hour or two per day to get your kitchen, closet or office in tip-top shape but when it is done, it will be so worth it. This I can promise.

And if you’re missing payments or paying late fees it really adds up and is money unnecessarily thrown away. Even if you pay your bill online or they are automatically drafted, you still need to have a system for following up with your cash flow. Or at least I hope you do.

So how about you take a step towards ending clutter in your home and getting organized…before it cripples you?

Happy Clutter Fighting.

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  4. alice says:

    I have a few spots in the house with clutter. These are things that I just haven’t found a home for yet. Every day I see them I think of where I could put that stuff. I just have to make room in one of the cabinets for it but need the time to do so.

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