How to Reorganize your Pantry on a Tight Budget

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How to Reorganize your Pantry on a Tight Budget

My fall projects are coming along. It’s amazing how much there is to do and my list keeps growing. It seems that one project leads to another. But I am having fun sharing this journey with you guys.

So this week I am sharing my most recent Pantry project. Last year I painted my pantry a dark tan and organized most of my dry goods in plastic containers. That worked for almost a year.  After awhile that color began to look dark and the plastic containers became boring. I decided not to repaint so soon but found a different way to lighten up the space. I found some very pretty shelf lining paper and I added it to the shelves and the back wall of the pantry.  Adding the paper made a world of difference and for very little expense. The double role package was only $6.00.

I purchased the glass containers over a few weeks’ time. They ranged from $2.00 to $6.00 and the mason jars were free because I already had those. Once I had all of the supplies on hand, I emptied the pantry and wiped down the shelves. Once everything was clean, I cut the paper to fit the back wall and used thumb tacks to adhere them to the wall. This will avoid any damage to the paint or the wall when I decide to make a change in paint color. Always thinking ahead to the next project or update. 🙂 As you can see from the pictures,  I worked this project in stages. Once the paper was added and everything in the glass jarsm I kinda just put stuff back things back in the space and left it there for a few days while I made the time to make the labels. Once the labels were complete, I could complete the project. I made and printed my own labels from the Avery collection. Once again, another inexpensive way to get the desired outcome I wanted. They are simple mailing labels that were perfect in size for this project. I think it’s the uniformity that makes the difference. Don’t you? I need one more shelf in my pantry and that is doable, but not so much with the little storage bins I am currently using. They come in very handy for extra space and they roll out which makes it easy to clean the floors as well. If I could find two with two drawers instead of three I would exchange them for the extra shelf space. But I haven’t found them yet. Always evolving and thinking of the next project. I am addicted. J But for now the look is making me very happy. I realize such things should not make one happy, but it works for me. I am a happy camper when these projects work out and this one has worked. So currently all my dry goods are stored in the see-through glass containers that are labeled. Boxed items are organized by type, like desert mixes and a few quick one-pan dinner mixes as well. I know they are not healthy and I don’t use them often but I like having a box or two around for those days when I am running out of time and the family is hungry. Snacks are housed in the two white round containers on the bottom shelf and in two of the drawers in the storage bins. I know, I know, too many snacks, but I have two grandchildren. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Moving right along, I placed over-flow and things I don’t use every day on the very top shelf and my teas, and foils and papers and sandwich and storage bags are in another of the drawers as is the bottled water. I know you are wondering, where are the canned goods? Luckily, I have enough cabinet space to hold the canned goods. So there you have it. My most recent pantry reorganization. I hope there was something here that you enjoyed and can use as well. How are you nesting for the change of season? What are some of your fall projects?



Pantry Project PM 1 9-2014  Pantry Before 1 PMPantry Before 3 PM Pantry Before 2 PM


Pantry After 1-1 PM  Pantry After 2 PM Pantry After 3 PMPantry After 1 PM

PM Pantry Door

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