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How To Repurpose Thrift Store Glass Containers into Planters

Awhile back Mister and I visited his family over a  weekend. As always, it was a pleasant day with lots of laughter. My husband’s family is dynamic. They joke with each other, they enjoy each other, and they still spend that precious time around the kitchen table catching up and sharing stories, both old and new, like families used to do. But this visit forced me to plunder through my local thrift store once we returned home. 🙂

During this visit, my mother-in-law, who not only has a green thumb but green hands – the woman can grow practically anything, gifted me some cutting of Wandering Jew/Tradescantia, Hens & Chicks/Crassulaceae, and another plant of which I have no idea of the common or official name. I would have done more research to find out the type of plant except for this article the plants aren’t the focus, the containers used to plant them are. I came home with all these clippings and nowhere to place them or nothing to plant them in. Or so I thought. Out of desperation, I found several small thrift store and dollar store glass containers and repurposed them as very small terrarium type planters. The best news is they were so cheap I still hold my self-imposed status of the budget diva. That sounds so much better than cheap but you know the deal. 🙂

What you will need if you try this:

  • Glass container(s)
  • Rocks
  • Peat moss
  • Potting soil
  • Plants

Plant-Clippings 3 PMIn order to make this work and to not have the young plants water logged, I used the layered effect for planting these small and delicate cuttings. The first layer – rocks, the second layer is peat-moss and the third level is the soil. When I first tried this it was experimental. I wasn’t sure it would work. But it has and because it has worked so well I thought it would also be an inexpensive and attractive way to grow some windowsill herbs as well.

As I said, all of the glass planters for the first go round were re-purposed, the peat moss was from a previous project, the plants were gifted, the rocks or glass marbles are Dollar Store originals, and the soil cost me a whopping $3.00. How’s that for an on-the-fly DIYer project on a budget? The budget diva strikes again. Did I hear you whisper cheap? 🙂

Plant-Clippings PMIt’s always fun to play in the dirt and be creative at the same time and I love it when a project comes together and is successful.

This project has bred yet another, as always. It’s spring and all of the stores have the cutest herbs that need a new home. So I’m thinking I will combine a couple of projects and create an all glass herb garden. I am thinking of hitting the thrift stores for glass containers of varying heights and even bonding some with candelabras for height deviation and planting my herbs. What do you think? Wouldn’t that be really cute on a windowsill? Do you think you would try this? If you do, please share your photos. I would love to see how your’s turn out.

Plant-Clippings 2 pm

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