How To Add A Touch of Sunshine To Every Room – The Guest Bath and Office

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How to Add A Touch of Sunshine to Every Room – The Guest Bath & Office

To continue our adding a touch of sunshine to every room campaign, this post will actually focus on two rooms. Our guest bath and my office. I hear you asking the question…why two rooms Clearissa? Well here’s why, I didn’t’ have a lot to do to add a bit of sunshine to either room and I didn’t want to cheat you guys trying to pretend I had lots of projects to accomplish the sunshine element in these two rooms when I actually did not. Now I do have projects for the bathroom, like changing out the light fixture and having tile installed, but that is not for this post. 🙂 Following are the little projects I did to add a bit of sunshine to the guest bath and my office. You will be surprised at the little effort it took and the big impact it made. Or at least I hope you will. By the way, I know you’ve noticed the cutie pie in the picture behind my yellow vase. Well, that’s my love bug granddaughter and I couldn’t bare to edit her out. She’s not a baby anymore, but I still love that picture. 🙂

Guest Bath

Let’s begin with the guest bath. Frankly, I addressed and refreshed this room last year and I am still happy with it. However, it is totally done in a terracotta color with white accents, Tuscan all the way, and although I am still very pleased with the refresh from last year, I wanted to add some sunshine. If you would like to see the original upgrade to the guest bath, check out the original post  here.

Guest Bath 4 PM - Copy Guest Bath 3 PM Guest Bath 1 PM

In an effort to add a bit of sunshine, I simply replaced the twine on the towels with yellow ribbon and added yellow flowers. A few dollars, $7.00 to be exact, added a bit of sunshine to this room. Yes, the flowers are fake and I am normally not a fan, but in a case like this, I envision the room as a flower vase and the touches of yellow as the flower arrangement. Not too much, just enough to add something fresh to a Tuscan space. I almost changed out the white towels for yellow ones but thought that would have been a bit much for a room with these colors. I love it. What do you think? Should I add the yellow towels?

My Office

I checked my archives and I could not believe I had not shared my office update. Wow…the missteps of a new blogger. And it turned out so well. Oh, my!! A missed opportunity to share and a learning experience as well. So I guess this is a reveal of sorts :).So when I first refreshed this room, I painted the walls yellow and added a wall of open shelves for storage. And this room along with the entire house has new windows. An experience I will share later.

So with all this yellow already going on, what could I add? I have infused the room with black and white with touches of red. I love the cheery and upbeat feel of the room; however, I have to be true to my current campaign and although the walls and bookshelves are already painted in a sun-shiney yellow, I had to do a little something. And little it is! I added two hand painted craft projects of my own with a yellow flower arrangement in both. One on the shelf behind the desk and one on the desk. And voila, that’s it.

Office 5 - Copy PM Office 4 - Copy PM Office - Daybed View PM (1)












This room was sunny already but to add a 2016 update, I had to at least touch it and the hand painted bottles are originals that I did myself.  It’s nice to get a room to a place where you actually love it. Like other spaces in my home, I am never done. I am searching for a more feminine chair. I asked hubs for an office chair and he bought big, comfy and black. It is very comfortable, I must admit, but not the look I was going for in here. But I had to keep it long enough as to not hurt his feelings or appear ungrateful because he was sweet enough to get it for me. And there are times where some things out-weigh design. This chair was one of them. I’ve had it for quite a while now so I have begun the search for something new…shhhhhhhh don’t tell him. 🙂 I would also love to get rid of the PC to clear some space on my desk; however, hubs uses it. So, for now, it and the large monitor stays. But I’m working on it. 🙂

Office Close up of Vase PM

What do you think? Have I met my own criteria of adding a touch here and there without it costing a fortune? Have I succeeded in adding a bit of sunshine into these two spaces? I will say this, once I look at photos, I am already planning my next refresh/update to both rooms. Stay tuned. Have you made any minor changes to your home for the spring season?

There you have our sunshine addition for the week. And as you can see, in my world, one project always lends itself to yet another project. But that is how my mind works. See ya next week with a bit more sunshine added to my humble abode.

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2 thoughts on “How To Add A Touch of Sunshine To Every Room – The Guest Bath and Office

  1. Charles says:

    Cool! I never expected it could make such a difference.
    LOL Earlier I had thought that this would be about adding in some more lighting or making your home more open to natural lighting, when I clicked on the title. But this turned out even better!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi, Charles and thank you. As far as natural lighting goes, the bathroom doesn’t have a window but I did add an exhaust fan with a light and, of course, there is the light above the mirror (which I will exchange this year). But the office has a huge window and is very light and bright and the yellow paint on the walls makes it a pleasant place to work. Again thank you for stopping in and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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