Revive Your Home And Your Life-Phase I

Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

2022 Home Revival Series
Revive Your Home And Your Life-Phase I-Mail & Junk Mail
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Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

This is my favorite season. My favorite for several reasons. One, because I love winter and I’m always praying for snow. 🙂 Two, I like the feeling of a new year and new beginnings. I love reorganizing the house this time of year. Three, this is the time of year that I choose my power word to give me encouragement throughout the year. And finally, because it is the time of year when I enjoy pulling out the items I no longer need or that bring me joy, and blessing someone else with them. Yes, I love this time of year for many reasons.

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This year my power word is revival and my goal is to put some balance back into my life. I chose the word revival because to revive things means to breathe new life into them and I want to revive my life in many areas. I need to surely revive my work/life balance. The way I’m working right now is ridiculous. We have had several personnel changes in our office and I have been overwhelmed. Not only am I overwhelmed at my 9 – 5, but also in my Youtube and blog life as well. I have to plan better and make time for myself a little, no, a lot more. I need to invest in me and self-care.

Now with all of that said, I am thinking that one way for me to feel less stressed and to help balance my life is to declutter.  Now, I know I will never be a minimalist, but I am feeling the need to hold onto less stuff.


Phase I of reviving my life is to complete my home revival. I intend to touch each room and to rid each space of unnecessary items.

I believe that one of the best ways to put more balance in my life and yours as well is to get rid of clutter. I sincerely believe that a cluttered house or office just creates disorder in your mind, not to mention the guilt you feel about how you should be spending your time straightening up instead of doing what you really want to do and the things you enjoy doing.

Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

Where To Begin

Start first with the mail you bring in as you come home at night. I realize you have heard this many times before. But this time I need you to hear and heed.

Spend a moment right in front of the trash can or recycle bin sorting it when you first bring it into your home. Junk mail should be dumped right then and not taken any further into the home.

Pile all magazines in the same place (if you still receive physical magazines). You should place the newest ones on the bottom. This way, when you have time to read them, you are looking at the oldest issue first. And once you revive your home, you’ll have time to lounge and read those magazines without guilt.


Bills are next. Who wants those pesky bills staring at you in the hallway every time you come home? Personally, I don’t want bills in my life at all, but that’s not realistic. 😉 Open them immediately, check the due date, and file them in some type of organizer that will remind you to pay them. Check this file weekly and pay them based on when you get paid. This way, you will not pay them late and you will not spend your hard-earned money on late fees.

Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

If you are like me, you do not receive a lot of paper bills anymore, however, you still need to maintain a file or spreadsheet of the bills you pay each month so that if there is ever an issue, you have background information.

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If you spend just five minutes a day going through your mail, this will be one less chore that needs to be done on the weekend.

Self-Care Tip 

Each week after I add the home revival tips, I will also add a self-care or life revival tip as well.


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Bubble Bath

Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

This week the self-care tip is to light fragrant candles in your bathroom, run and soak in an Epsom salt bath. Be sure to add some essential oil and bubble bath to your bath as well. Put a do not disturb sign on the door and lock the door, just in case.

Home and Emotional Revival Series 2022

Add soft music and you can enjoy a spa-like experience in your own home. You deserve it so soak all of your stresses away and afterward, use your favorite body butter to make your skin soft and smooth. What a nice reward for organizing your mail and bill clutter. And it did not cost you anything. That makes it even better.


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So, there you have it, two important tips to help you add a little balance back into your life. Next week, we will discuss a couple more tips to help revive our homes and our lives. Enjoy the bubbles.

From my family to yours…Happy 2022!

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Thank you guys for all of the support you show to me and my blog. I feel so blessed because of you.

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!

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Hugs & Blessings




2 thoughts on “Revive Your Home And Your Life-Phase I

  1. Carol says:

    You are a dynamo of inspiration. We all need to revive our lives and homes. Looking forward to your year of tips! Pinned and tweeted.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason or a season. You and I were placed together for a reason. You bring such encouragement into my life and you are consistent. Your support and loyalty mean more to me than you know. And to think the internet brought us together. I wanted to take the time to thank you. Thank you for bringing joy into my life. I hope I do the same for you. This year during my revival of soul and spirit I am leaving nothing unsaid and I wanted you to know this. I needed to say thank you.

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