Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

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It’s that time of year again! …or maybe it’s your first time with spring cleaning, or your first spring in a new home or apartment. Or perhaps you could use these tips to get your home prepared and cleaned for the social distancing we are all experiencing and hopefully heeding the call to follow instructions. Because we are confined, so to speak, and concerned about keeping our homes virus-free and it’s time to spring clean, I am providing a spring cleaning checklist.

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Regardless of your situation, a spring-cleaning checklist can really help. There are some things, after all, that are easy to overlook even for the experienced spring cleaner. And things change; maybe you have some different items or furniture you didn’t have last year. So here is a checklist of some spring-cleaning tasks you may not have thought of so that you can organize your cleaning efforts.

1. Outdoors

Have you considered the outside of your house in your spring-cleaning plans? Some things you might not have thought to consider outdoors include:

* Patio and deck furniture – Do not forget to clean your patio and deck furniture. This can be as simple as hosing off or as elaborate as repainting and cleaning with special products. If you have plastic furniture, a scrub-down with a weak bleach and water solution may just do the trick against mildew and algae. This solution should work with water-resistant covers on cushions, too. Iron furniture might need to be touched up with black enamel paint after cleaning.

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* Decks – Hosing or power washing your deck can be included in spring cleaning. Any insect proofing, such as a fresh coat of varnish or paint, is best done before the bugs get bad in hot weather.

* Porch, steps, and driveway – After a winter of putting down driveway salt on concrete and asphalt surfaces, a thorough hose-down is a good idea. Doormats can be hosed off and/or laundered as well.


*Check outdoor lighting. Does it need a fresh coat of spray paint? If so, remove it from the wall and spray paint it with weather-resistant spray paint.

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2. Floors

Tracking in driveway salt doesn’t just stop at the porch. Your carpets also take a beating in winter, as do hardwood floors.

* Get carpets deep-cleaned to make them safe for bare feet.

* Hardwood and linoleum will need to be cleaned, too. Mop hardwood with oil soap and water, and mop linoleum with your cleaner of choice.

*I also use a steamer to deep clean and disinfect my hardwood and tile floors. I love my steamer, no chemicals used, and the floors dry almost immediately.

* Wash area rugs in the laundry or with a carpet cleaner.


3. Under the Bed

Spring is the perfect time to clean out under the bed, although it may be overlooked.

* Pull everything out from under the bed (watch out for dust bunnies!). Vacuum and throw out whatever you don’t need. Use flat plastic bin(s) to organize what you do intend to keep.

* Mop under the bed, too.

4. Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Bathrooms usually get cleaned regularly, but in the spring you might want to do some extra cleaning. As you are tackling the mildew between the tiles, do not forget these “hidden” items that need to be addressed.

* The ceiling might need to be re-painted with mildew-resistant paint.

* Caulk may be needed to cover cracks or peeled caulk around the tub.

* Purge and clean out under sink cabinets. Toss all old products or the products you know you will never use.

*Replace frayed or worn throw rugs.

*Vaccum ceiling to remove any overhead dust bunnies.

*Clean all light fixers

5. Kitchen

In addition to the “usual” kitchen cleaning, check on these tasks, too.

* Throw away expired canned food.

* Clean out flatware drawers that can harbor crumbs.

* This is a good time to clean the oven – windows can be open to provide circulation.

*Empty pantry and clean shelves.

*Dust and clean ceiling fan and/or lighting.

*Clean and seal all stone countertops.

*Clean refrigerator & freezer.

These tips do not cover all of the areas that should be included in your spring cleaning.  This list covers those spaces we may neglect to clean. If you would like access to other cleaning checklists, you can find them here.

Can you think of any other uniques spaces to add to this list? If so, leave it in the comments below.

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