That Was Then This Is Now – Trash to Treasure

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 That Was Then This Is Now – Trash To Treasure


This piece was gifted to me by my spiritual family. You can read the entire two-part post at Ode To A Loved One Part I  and Part II. I hope you will as it is truly a love story.

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This antique buffet came to with a plethora of issues. I love that word “plethora”. It was so bad until we sat it on our deck with all of the drawers and cabinets filled with fabric softer sheets and boxes of chalk to absorb the moisture for a week (chalk does work).


Once we could deal with the smell, we sanded it and next placed it into our work area (my dining room :)) and began the transformation. It took days-three coats of Kiltz, which we allowed to dry an entire day between coats and to avoid stains seeping through the new paint job. Which equaled three days for just priming.  With all of that going on with this piece, this trash was still a treasure to me.  Stencil

While we were waiting for the Kiltz to dry, I began shopping around for a paint color. And voila, Benjamin Moore, Swiss Almond was calling my name. I decided to use three coats of paint on the buffet and allow at least twenty-four hours of drying time for each coat of paint as well. It worked out great!


I chose the hardware from the Lowes collection. Nothing fancy just clear pulls with a vintage look and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The most euphoric part of this reveal was experienced when I shared pictures of the finished product with my spiritual family prior to sharing them with anyone else. They were pleased and even touched by the way the piece evolved. That was my greatest reward and joy. I love this buffet and it has freed up so much storage space in my kitchen (it always goes back to organization). It now houses my china and other items that were claiming space in my kitchen cabinets.

 PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Let me say this, when I sealed the buffet, I used Polyurethane instead of Polyacrylic. I learned the hard way, that is not the way to go. The Polyurethane will and did yellow over time while the Polyacrylic will not. I am going to repaint the buffet because of the yellowing effect.

If you are painting a light color please heed this warning so you will not have to eventually repaint your piece.


As I began this blog, I will end it. I am proud of the results of this project but sadden by the circumstances that brought the two of us together. Thank you, spiritual family. You too are a treasure in my life.

This trash was still a treasure to me


Buffey During Transition 1 Buffet During Transition 2 Buffet Before Transition 3 Buffet Before Transition 2 Buffet Before Transition 1


After the Transition 5 After the Transition 4 After the Transition 3 After the Transition 2 After the Transition 1


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